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Six minutes now past three o'clock welcome to Tuesday the twenty eighth of April today is going to be a warm one probably the warmest day of the week some cooling is going to come our way tomorrow but today's highs inland into the upper eighties eighty four degrees expected in San Jose today eighty eight in Santa Rosa hi baby foreign napa eighty five in Livermore expect it'll be in the seventies in San Francisco and at point Reyes national seashore today it's KQED public radio upper seventy seventy seven expected for high in Oakland today I'm a size and go welcome to the new day here's a look at what's happening on the California report next time on the California report updates on how the Golden State is coping with the coping nineteen pandemic from the front lines to the home office coronavirus and California taking it one day at a time I'm the leader Molly those stories next time on the California reports to tune into the California report nine minutes before six nine minutes before seven and nine minutes before nine each weekday morning coming up on form later on today San Francisco mayor London breed is the guests in the first hour also Isabel Allende will be stopping by the program remotely and then at ten o'clock social distancing and dating during the pandemic your phone calls Michael Krasny is the host form seven to nine to eleven every week day morning on KQED public radio good morning this is morning edition from NPR news I'm Rachel Martin and I'm Steve Inskeep we are investigating the relentless math.

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