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Trey Barge, a lifestyle expert, expects more of us will be shopping for gifts online. And travel will look different to supply chain issues and shipping delays. And then there might be a run on hotel rooms. As people opt to stay in hotels. Verses are staying in family members, homes. Barge advises you to start your shopping and trip planning early this year to our news time is 807. Let's get another check it Traffic from Detour Dam in the Valley Chevy dealers traffics and over trying to put a bow on this Friday morning commute, but it just as a cooperating No, not just yet. Keep that turkey in the oven. A few more minutes. It does look like we've got ourselves a couple of snags on the freeways. Now one's a new crash. That's come in north phone. I 17 approaching Pinnacle faith that direct that at least got moved off to the right. But there were some injuries reported in this wreck, so it may be here for a little bit. Also watch for emergency crews showing up on it. In terms of an ambulance and a fire truck. Be ready for a state left That could happen. North found 17 year Pinnacle Peak north about 51 of Bell Road. We've got a problem. The bell Road on rap minor crash access the onramp from eastbound westbound flock and erect out at 39th Avenue and baseline as well as Power Road and Williams Field Road. This traffic report brought to you by Sweet James, who You hired Your lawyer in an accident matters, results and trust matter. Sweet James is doing things there. Right way, Not the easy way. 805 152 100 or sweet James dot com Deter Nancy Charon is probably cloudy 87 today 85 tomorrow overnight lows in the sixties. Right now it is 59 degrees in Glendale. Whether brought.

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