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$2 prices here, exact a $35, the tri 82 20 and the super $277 and 20 cents. Before we go to break, we're going to get one more live racing. Horses are on the track and warming up for the 9th race on the card at Saratoga. By the way, they have ten races on the card at Saratoga today. So we won't be able to get you there tenth race, but this 9th race is a 5 and a half furlong turf sprint for New York bread made in Phillies and mayors in for a $40,000 tag. There were 15 entered in this race 5 of them have come out so quick math. That sounds like ten to me. I did complete at least preschool. So I'm pretty good with those. Oh, I'm just kidding. Actually, this is a sick way of telling people that I'm good at math, but I'm very good at staring at tote boards and telling you within about 20 seconds what horses will play will pay to place and show if you need me to do it. So like a human calculator when it comes to degeneracy is what it is. I don't know. I don't know if sharp will want to market me in that way. The way any of you have that horse racing, I don't know if they called him the horse racing calculator or something that sharper image used to sell. And it was, it was a stunk, really. But what it was was you would kind of enter all these statistical things for horses into it, and it was supposed to tell you who was going to win. But what it basically told you was it would average out whatever horse on average had the most earnings per start, that was the top pick according to the sharper image horse handicapper calculator, whatever. I don't know why I had one of these when I was a kid. Probably other kids are hoping that their parents buy them baseball gloves and things like that. I wanted the horse racing calculator from sharper image. I don't know. But I wouldn't go buy it. I'm sure you could find them on eBay right now. Anyway, ten of them going to go 5 and a half furlongs on the turf in this 9th race at Saratoga. Three of them vying for favoritism right now all between 5 to two and 7 to the one smoking hot kitty three cool cats and kittens and 5 Eli dancer all right there in that range of being the favorite Eli dancers, the slight favorite right now, she's trying the turf for the first time. She's by alpha out of a Dane hill dancer mayor. I would think a little bit more turf breeding on the damn side just out of that with Dane hill dancer there with she being an Irish bred herself. But not overwhelming turf breeding for Eli dancer who ran well in her debut at fairgrounds and not so good last time out at Belmont partner. She is getting Lasix for the first time today, so she could have bled in her last race. She really went from being up close to stopping very badly in the race and maybe that's what happened. Maybe she bled in the race and she'll run better today and it's something you can draw a line through. I would say this of those three I would prefer number one smoking hot kitty who has been she's coming out of a race going that one turn mile on the turf at Belmont and she finished third that day. When in the Christoph Clement barn, she was 9 to 5 actually the second choice in the race to Philly who finished just ahead of her hour Jessica already came back and got her maiden win in her very next start smoking hot kitty goes from Christoph Clement to Linda rice overall Clement a higher percentage trainer than Linda rice. But this is a spot where Linda rice excels these first off to claim type she's winning right at about a 20% clip. And in the money about 50% of the time. So I would think that smoking hot kitty has a big, big chance in here. Don't love the rail post going 5 and a half furlongs when it's a big field of ten like this. But I expect smoking hot kitty to drop back and try to close anyway, so maybe she can save ground and weave through traffic and find her way through on the turn. The other one is number three cool cats and kittens. That's the other one they're betting right now. She ran second against basically the same level of competition back in late May at Belmont park. Good enough that they tried her in a maiden special weight race against New York breads in her most recent start and she faded pretty badly in that race. So back down in for a tag and one of the old sayings and racing, the best hop is the drop and a lot of people think the best drop is going from maiden special to a maiden claiming event, even if it's as high as a maiden 40s. So cool cats and kittens probably facing a little bit softer today than what you saw in her last start. Right now, Eli dancer remains the favorite at two to one cool cats and kittens three to one and my top selection smoking hot kitty is right there at 7 to two on the board as these Phillies and mayors arrive at the starting gate and just a quick answer. By the way, a couple of rider changes here Javier castellano picks up the mount on number 6 Sarah's splendor. Trevor McCarthy writing number 7 ace up her sleeve big long shot there for trainer Steve places. They are double loading for this 5 and a half furlong affair. By the way, there was one of the also eligibles that drew in galley head who was a number 11 first of the AEs drew in for owner trainer Roy luhrmann Ricardo Santana junior aboard. By the way, there is a jock off one of these horses and trying to figure out I think it's Eric cancel the writer of number 9 one journey. In fact, it is. She's the first time starter. She went in very quickly, so Eric cancel will climb aboard inside the starting gate. Last few runners are going in. Up to the outside, we'll hand it off to John embryo. Here's race 9 at Saratoga.

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