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And she said I had worked on my arm, and she told me if I would take a penny, go to the crossroads town, rub that penny Oma warts and throw it over my shoulder and not look back the next day. The would be gone and she swears she's four. She's gone now she did. Penny didn't save her. She she outlived the penny, but she's four the next day? Yeah, my grandma emigrant others. A smart lady smart, super smart lady. She ran the records department for the Richmond county board of education for, I don't know, fifty years. She's smart lady. I wonder if people are going to try that now, I don't know if you've got works. Go try it. I mean, that's now that's best some Buddhu kind of crap going on right there. I was like this stuff always kind of scared me like there's some. There's some things in in in the theory world that I don't wanna really mess around with. I don't. 'cause I, it's out there man. It's out there like we did a show in San Jose, California, this this theater was Bill one we did last week. It was built nineteen four. It's always funny when I go into these old old theaters because the people who introduce themselves the managers and stuff, their first words always and it's haunted. They always, they always say it's haunted. I'm like, what show me? I wanna see something, you know. But we were doing a show last year in Hera, Oklahoma, Dan Merriman, and I were, and that was what they said. And in fact, I heard from them today, great folks up there at state theatre and heroic la- Homa and they said it was haunted, and we're sitting there and all of a sudden all the buttons on the soundboard just started moving and she said, shut it down town. Go home down to go home. She said, I don't like that kind of stuff, and I don't like that kind of stuff either. So we're not going to hear. No, our show she, she sent me a message today. She said, well, I'm sorry, you're not doing the show back at our place. You're going to shawnee at the grand casino. So yeah, we're going to be the grand casino November seventeenth. Schone Oklahoma, we just close by there, but they're great folks there. The. Shawny also haunted nights a casino say how much money you use looking for something to blame on it. But no, here's the thing. Here's thing. Here's the thing. We're all over the map. Get kids immunized, don't send it now. I don't wanna get back on that, but don't send us a bunch of mess. But I wanna some that back and just say, you know. So August as immunization awareness month. And that's that came up today when I was in clinic and I was like, oh, that's good to know those good to know. So there's lots of good information out there. I'm always been really, really trust the CDC if you've got questions and everything. Some you guys might send me some questions and stuff, but I'm not the expert. I just, you know, I know what I see and she knows I'll come off like, I'm an expert. I tell you what I do know I know several experts in that field so I could always ask them. But anyways, Yep, huge proponent of that and get your kiddos, ten, eleven twelve. I think it's ten to twenty forget what the the twenty forgot how old but go and get that HP vaccine. That's so important. It's helping to prevent cancer. Who did they talk about making that like legal, you had to do that? Wouldn't that a discussion that Rick Perry had has governor of Texas? What was the story he? He did it, and I think because he did that that really kicked back a lot of parents from wanting to do it because he was mandating it. I don't think that's the best thing to do. I think the best thing to do is be sure that parents are educated and they're reading the right information. So I know Australia did a really good study on it. There. And lots of success there. There's not. You're not gonna find a lot of side effects. The biggest one is in pain at the injection site, which is almost all of them. So is that a medical way of saying, it hurts to get the show it hurts when you get a shot..

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