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In for trade with Mike Golic senior, Mike Golic junior. Mike, we waited all we gave you all show to come clean on your own. But scripted an apology. I'm bombed nominee Wigan. I'm not gonna read from a prepared station choice. Comes from the heart. So this is I am actually mean this. And I am sorry. Because listen, you know, me and food, especially sweets. I said early this morning because somebody who tweeted it out with coming off the Oreo most stuff for what you know, which was most stuff with one. Yeah. Godsend? There was a picture of an Oriel Oreo container with Oreo Twix, and between was actually the mixture of the cream was the mixture of Oreo of what Twix is. And I said, oh my God. You know? I went nuts on that's an I can't wait to try it and people are saying all it's great other to say, no, I'm not gonna try. It turns out that's fake. Wow. That hurts me by fake out. I did if we can't believe news. Like, what can we believe? I'm hoping if it truly is fake. And I believe it is that Oriole will still go ahead and make one. Weird is none of this is sounded like an apology. I'm sorry. I let you out. I sorry. I let everybody on to believe that. There was a limited edition Oreo Twix cookie. I apologize for that. And I do mean it. But I'm more bomb than feeling apologized. Everybody more bummed that there really isn't that. I couldn't have gone out and found today. The cookie community are kind of like in the NBA where the jersey at. It's become a thing right now. Everyone's putting their jersey jersey on Anthony Davis. Everyone wants to dress an Oreo up in their preferred candy of choices jersey. So I think it's kind of understandable. It's an easy place to get tricked. I don't understand the mindset of the person male or female that the that comes in is like, you know, what I wanna do. I'm gonna create I want to spend time on Photoshop creating a fake Oreo just to get people. Like that why it's the mind if you that's a sick individuals. What it is and should be banned from ever buying cookies again once they find out who it is. If you could tell Oriole, and they would do it one inside the cookie the stuff in that. You would like what would it be the stuffing inside the cookie claim? What would they already do like fun Feddie? That's the thing. I mean, there's so many that they've ride if we're gonna if we're gonna utilize our one request Oreo not to change. Anything other than the packaging all asking? For is this an entire centerpiece, a large centerpiece that runs up and down. That's a trough of just filling and the little side cookies that I can dip in dunker rue dunker Ruth. Exactly, right. To be able to just like scoop all of the felon. I feel like you can't undermine the Oreos like shape though, like the integrity of the Orioles. What makes it different is? What makes it a cook? Tonight spin though. Spoon the Phil. And again they've done. So many limited editions a different flavors. So I don't know if they've done this. But I think I would go birthday cake birthday cake would be a good one. Yeah. I mean, if we're going to go down this path to like, candy bars, like a recess peanut butter cut version where you've got I mean, you would have the chocolate on the outside all you need. And I'm sure they don't have they done peanut butter Oreos. Yes. But if I want if I wanna reese's peanut butter Cup, which is an American treasure. I'm just saying I give me a little newgen in there. Something coming up tomorrow. Golic and wingo. Victor cruz. Todd.

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