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Tulsa massacre, as well as a mystical piece by Alice Coltrane and this celebratory work for strings by Jessie Montgomery. Her piece Cold Star burst. That star burst by Jessie Montgomery, one of the works to be played on tomorrow evening's Juneteenth event in the Green space soprano Jeannie Bridges, harpist, Ashley Jackson and others. All joined the Harlem Chamber Players find out more at new sounds dot org Mhm. It's 66 degrees under sunny skies in New York City, Beautiful day ahead of us with highs in the mid eighties, we could see a chance of a shower or thunderstorm after midnight tonight with lows in the upper sixties. Will be kind of muggy tomorrow but Sonny with a chance of showers and highs near 90, the humidity retreats a bit on Sunday sunny skies highs in the upper eighties. Support for NPR comes from W N. Y C members and from C three A. I C three AI software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at Enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable problems. C three A. I. This is Enterprise Ai and duck Duck Go a privacy company committed to making privacy online Simple. Used by tens of millions. They offer private search and tracker blocking. With one download. Duck duck. Go privacy, simplified. This is morning Edition. I'm Carrie Nolan. As of this week, more than 70% of New Yorkers have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. The milestone has meant that the state lifted most capacity restrictions, and so many people are thinking of this summer as the beginning of post pandemic life. But when you kick the tires on that 70%.

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