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And so it's like, I'm planning on moving in June. So I'm gonna be getting out of here and talk with Hannah Knowles come on news. The tuck willow police department is cracking down on retail theft and illegal drug use with increased patrols. These extra patrols are focused on areas within the south center district after police say they've seen a rise in stolen vehicles and organized retail theft. We're learning more about the politicians and initiative campaigns from our state who receive political donations from indicted FTC cryptocurrency entrepreneur Samuel bankman freed. Carlene Johnson reports. U.S. senator patty Murray representative Kim schrier and the Washington state Democratic Party received political donations from indicted FTX entrepreneur Samuel bankman freed, before his recent arrest, he told Good Morning America that he takes responsibility for the failed venture, and is ready to face the consequences. What happened happened? And if I had been if I had been spending an hour a day thinking about risk management on FTX, I don't think that would have happened. I stopped working as hard for a bit. Honestly, if I look back on myself, I think I got a little cocky. A spokesperson for representative schreier tells me she has made a donation this week to northwest harvest in the amount she received from FTX. Senator Murray did not respond, but did till the Seattle times, she will also make donations in the amount they receive from FDX and partner company Alameda research before the end of the year. In his largest political donation in Washington this year, bankman fried gave a

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