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Like that measure money. Home any I agree. Next. Very better. That's another strong argument in favor of switching the quickfire and the elimination. quickfire, you maybe a cap on the truffles if you're just one ounce of travel. PAPPA I. Love had been Italy. Her elimination challenge outfit was really doing it for me. It was just a it was like a Kovalenko because if you're wearing it, everyone has to say six feet away from you because. Like bushy. I loved how she spoke Italian to. Magical potion. Production logistics like it doesn't matter at all to anything that we're talking about anything that happened on the show. I just found myself curious. If I see I see the guy speaking Italian, you know podcast standing there Tom, just kind of standing there halfheartedly listening and I'm wondering what the translation process was, and then we talked about Tom. COM So. I just wondered what the process was. If they had earpieces. If they pause and they had an interpret, it was wonderfully ended, so everybody was understanding everything. There's scene in Billy Madison when Billy Madison is learning Spanish in the camera swivels to the guy, and then it's back to Billy Madison. Yeah I I mean to that point went. Be surprised if there was like an off camera translator. Hopefully, not have to pull too much double duty especially when he got to judges table, and you have like the guy tell. Melissa jokingly like don't ever use Salami again and she. Reacts in the moment it's very there was like a five second delay for this person to be like he says w Salami again, and then she had to organically react as if she was hearing it right from him Yelich. In top chef. Something there was he college i WanNa see his Charleston even sure. Where the guy had all of his knives and he just went carney that was. Good last season. Last season. K. Cool. Years ago, doesn't it? Really slowly now. Really I feel like all of my days are just like evaporating into the Sims my jealous 'cause my. Working so bored I. I work one.

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