Gerrit Cole, Brett, Padres discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Noble is as good as the man may be the problem remains the LA Dodgers others everybody else of radio that was the song to play you've got one go ahead surely Steiner Dodgers radio will Smith's rookie catcher the grand slam put LA ahead for good they beat the Padres eat to the Dodgers now thirty three games over five hundred Clayton Kershaw now ahead of sandy Koufax on the franchise's straight gal list Kershaw Kate five over six last night leaving him at two thousand three hundred and ninety seven punch out the Dodgers now the company in the seventy win club the Astros a seven one victory in Cleveland last night Gerrit Cole when seventy he's here right now one point nine one since his last loss that was thirteen start to go on may twenty second the rays down the red Sox nine four for a three game sweep at Fenway and the cardinals blank the cubs eight zip in Saint Louis again taking sole possession of first to give me ten L. central sorry for making you wait the hall of fame game went to the Bronco was last night fourteen ten over the falcons in canton Atlanta had the lead the fourth but match jobs interception lead to Brett ribbons fifteen yard TD pass to joulwan Winfrey with less than two minutes to go last play was just you know really do one they can play.

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