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Matt McCoy News Radio six ten WTVN is the Mark blazer show. And if you out on a date and. And you knew that your date had horrible debt and bad credit. Would that be a deal breaker? Yes, or no, Ron welcome to the show. Thanks for calling. What you got brother? Well, two things it would have to depend on the chemistry between us, and what the circumstances were that brought them to that point. Because you know, it's very possible for person to be responsible and pretty smart with their finances. But then still wind up a lot of trouble like myself, for example, fears ago, I had pretty good credit. It was seven twenty. I was doing good. And then I met my wife and not too long after we got married. She started having a succession until problems and has not been able to work for the past five years. So as a result, my law, small 4._0._1._K, my life savings has gone in my credits in the crapper now. Right. But when you first met her did she have bad credit? No, okay. All right. So all right. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Yeah. That that doesn't that? They're saying credit scores reveal your ability to remain in a level of commitment in a relationship and relationships skill and if the higher your score, supposedly the less likely, you are to just break up, you know, after a few years, you're going to be more prone to commitment. Mark welcome to the show. Thanks for calling brother. Yeah. I understand the previous callers dilemma. But if you're hooking up with somebody and they've got a bad credit score have fun and then move on because it's not gonna change. So there it is. You're saying if the if there's too much debt, it is in fact, a deal breaker. Well, how about a thousand bucks right now grand in your your shot at one thousand dollars now text nationwide, keyword change, two hundred two hundred you'll get a text confirming entry, plus iheartradio info. Standard data and message rates apply. Nationwide. Contest. Two hundred two hundred.

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