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And why? Why? I'm tired. I've been doing this for a year and a half. It just it feels like there's never going to be at end. If you're not going to get the vaccine, at least Booker Mask try to be part of the solution. More than 58,000 patients are now hospitalized across the country, with Covid 1918 to 49 year olds accounting for 41% of them and concern growing about the most vulnerable Children. Pediatric hospitalizations are now 3.5 times higher than they were a month ago. In Memphis for two Children died from Covid a doctor. They're telling our affiliate w A T. N the Delta variant is to blame. That's really changed over the last week and a half as we started seeing an increase the number of kids being admitted with acute that's NBC's Marcus more in Louisiana. Public health officials have warned the next six weeks in this country will be crucial with possibly as many as 200,000 infections per day, a strong possibility a number not seen since the rollout of the vaccine. Now it's time for the propel insurance Money update. Several companies, including Google and United Airlines, will soon require all of their employees to be vaccinated against Covid 19. But not Expedia. Interviewed on CNBC on Friday, CEO Peter Kern said the Seattle based travel platform is trying to find solutions that have the broadest application across the company's entire employee base. Expedia late Thursday reported out wider than expected quarterly loss, sending shares skinning 8% on Friday. We're about a month away from a new restaurant opening in Western King County. Former catalysts executive chef Brady Williams announced a few days ago that his new restaurant, Tomo will open in White Center on September. 9th,.

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