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The Raiders coming up our thoughts on what happened yesterday with Baker Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns in the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as the showdown in Jacksonville between the Saints and the Packers as Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, get smoked. Absolutely smoked in that matchup. Amber Yesterday we were able to get some pay off some being the operative word when it comes to the sports talk radio conversation that dominated the NFL landscape through the month of August, And that was the rookie quarterbacks who should start when they should start how they perform, how it would all play out. We got the answer in part. 233 individuals started yesterday as rookies for their respective teams. Zach Wilson and the Jets Fall 19 to 14 and Carolina against the Panthers. Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars Fall 37 21 in Houston against the Texans. Mac Jones in the Patriots fall 17 16 at home against the Dolphins. Your general assessment of the three starters. Did anyone stand out to you in a good way? A bad way as you see it. I will go the Mac Jones route. But before I get to that, just hearing you go through those games. You're talking about three debuts that frankly, you could have argued, might have had a shot at being winnable. I think that the Jets had a tall order, but we didn't know what Sam Donald was going to look like in a Panthers uniform, and I think that you would have circled that Houston matchup. If you were a Jags fan, as maybe the game that you could actually get in the W column. Those performances didn't go nearly as well, largely because of the teams around those quarterbacks, but the Mac Jones debut That's the one that stands out to me because he had a really promising debut against my Miami Dolphins. You looked a heck of a lot better than I wanted him to. If I'm being honest with you, he showed that the game is definitely not too big for him. I mean, I think we knew that coming off of the preseason the moment not too big he was throwing in rhythm. He was throwing out of empty formations. He looked good on accuracy. He looked great with his decision making. It was all very disappointing as the Miami Dolphins fan his 133 passing yards Joe in the first half would have been a season high in the first half for the 2020 Patriots. So it is seems that Bill and the guys with the New England Patriots made the right decision going with Mac Jones over Cam Newton. I was really impressed. 29 to 39 280 are 81 yards. One touchdown, no interceptions for Jones. He kept his cool against. I think a very good Miami Dolphins defense that ended up winning the Dolphins the game. And you know what they were in position to win. They were in position. You've got the Patriots trailing by 1 17 16 3 minutes 18 seconds remaining their first intent on the Miami 11 worst case scenario, they should be coming away with a field goal to grab the lead and Damien Harris on first down, fumbles. The ball, Miami recovers and boom, That's all she wrote. So Damien Harris, welcome to Bill Belichick's dog House. All fantasy owners who thought they had something cooking. There have to start looking over their shoulder. The one that stands out to me. Is Trevor Lawrence in Houston, taking on the Texans number one overall pick supposedly the savior of the franchise. He goes 28 51 332 yards, three touchdowns, interceptions. I'm not worried about Lawrence. He can play. I'm worried about his head coach. I'm not sure you can get the job done at this level, and I know it's one game. But that was an abject failure on all levels on behalf of urban Meyer. Okay, it's one thing to be Cleveland like we talked about earlier. You show up in Kansas City. You played a hell of a game. You come up shortly, There was an opportunity to win it. But you didn't close, Not the end of the world, right? You showed you can hang. You played very well. There's a lot of positive takeaway. There's no positive to take away from Urban Meyer's debut as an NFL head coach, literally. None. You were going against the team that was the favorite to go over 17. You're going against the most dysfunctional franchise in the business. Talent lacking at almost every spot on the field. They traded away. Bradley Roby, They're cornerback over the weekend of the Saints to Shawn Watson is not playing JJ Watts gone. And you rolled in. There is a 3.5 point favorite. You didn't just get smoked by 16 points in that game. Alright. You only held the ball for 25 minutes on offense. You lost the turnover battle minus 3 10 penalties three of 11 on third down all the way across the board. Those are the stats that tell you a team is undisciplined and sloppy. Penalties. Turnovers, mistakes. Trevor Lawrence, not worried about him. In the least, I think he's got all the talent in the world. Urban Meyer worried about him as much as you possibly could be, because that was a horrible day to use. Losing that game is one thing getting blown out in Houston and playing like that is a completely different story. Yes. You mentioned that there is no positive takeaways. If you're a Jags fan, I think that there are like you. Don't you dare try to sell it. Don't you dare in regards to Lawrence, right? I mean, I think you saw that arm strength. You saw that The mechanics are an elite level. He cycled through those receiver progressions. He got rid of the ball in a heartbeat. Which Lord knows he's going to need to find that Jack's line threaded the ball. The touchdowns were are I mean, there were moments from Lawrence in frankly sewage? There were moments from Lawrence. Where if you're a Jags fan, you feel pretty good about the future there under center. You're right. The rest of that operation was trash. I mean, I don't know There's not really a nicer way, Sister. Listen. It's it's the debut of Urban Meyer's a head coach. You don't get the number one pick. If you're a great team, you don't walk into that situation if you're urban Meyer if it's a great team, and you're not on that team, if you're Trevor Lawrence, if it's already a great team intact, That's not how it works. That's not how it works. Bringing in these former college coaches these big time names, and it's not how it works. Getting the number one pick in any drafted any year. We could say the same thing about Zach Wilson's debut where Hey, Zack, spent way too much time running for His life and on his His back, and he took way too much time at times and too many shots like he showed us. He's too tough, Zach be a little less tough. Okay, calm down. Get rid of that ball, be a little less stuff..

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