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I really went all out with the production on on that one but You know the reason I wanNA at least talk about the NTR. A poll in this instances because it is the three zero one. I think a is kind of easy to do right now. Because we're still in that progressing toward the Derby and the Derby obviously will change all of that and I guess the Belmont could if it if it happens beforehand and I know rumors. Are THAT IRIS? Trying to get back going around Memorial Day weekend. So we'll see what they decide to do with the Belmont. I saw Baffert came out and said that he he wouldn't run it if it was a mile and a half Jewish. It's funny because it is a mile and a half in June. Normally like you know that's the normal thing and you'd honestly be coming into it off more rest because it's not like his horses would be running in the preakness in two weeks. Even though they ran on Derby Day in the Arkansas Derby. But you know I mean. He was asked the question and he answered it. And you know for years. We saw Bobby. Frankel kind of use his power to kind of you know sway away from weights and handicap divisions like. He would make a big deal out of any threatened scratch and tracks want to have the superstars in their big races. And they obviously want to have Bobby Frankel in their big races and his it was his way of kind of I think Not only maybe getting something done for that particular race but in the future to like the Weights Committee or whoever decides in the way sometimes. It's just the racing secretary Sometimes there is a full committee. I was part of the Committee of Portland Meadows and You know they might. They might know how God if we make this horse. One twenty five instead of one. Twenty three bobby. Frankel is GONNA make noise about it. And he's GonNa Scratch and you know so you. Kinda plant that seed. I almost wondered if you know Baffert like I said he was answering the question but I wonder if he's kind of like trying to plant the seed like. Hey if we want these superstar baffert horses. Who are two of the. He's got three of the top four in the N. T. R. E. poll right now. Tis The laws. The only non baffert in the top four Kim Guillermo at five watching that race again we talked about it. Monday of course but Watching the second division that Arkansas Derby I can gear Moran Great Man. I really think he. You know backed up his Tampa Bay Derby and It did make dolls re kick look a little bit more impressive to because I was maybe focusing on Kim gear that time but honore P and six solve Allante and Ian Max Field. Rumor is he possibly Will be making an appearance in the Matt Win at Churchill Week to The fact he's still on the top ten is pretty interesting. I think it speaks to a the maybe lack of depth right now in this three year old division because as I said when we had Brennan on a couple of weeks ago sometimes not running is the best thing in terms of rating and public perception. You haven't proven you're you're going to lose. I mean that's you know when you look at a bad maiden race a lot of times you get horses who have run five six seven eight nine ten twenty times you know. Sometimes you look to the new shooter simply because they haven't proven how bad they are and I'm obviously Mac. `field is proven that. He's a very talented runner. But you know. He did that early middle of his two year old season. We haven't seen him since then so he's still getting some street cred based on. I think people projecting that he might be good but We really won't know until we see him back to the racist but I had no as far as hating on the a poll segment. I had no real strong opinions on the the three year olds because I feel like right. Now they're kind of easy to to rank. The top thoroughbred poll is is is interesting because maximum security is like this big asterisk in there right. He seventh and total points. But he's second in first place votes and he would be first in. First Place Votes. He'd be a landslide first place votes if it wasn't for you know what came out about. Jason surface so obviously some of the voting committee is still perplexed. I think I saw that. He was back in training. Now with. And it's GonNa be weird to see the new maximum security Post Post Service. I I mean I can't imagine baffert would a run him if he didn't think he was ready to do something. Good but also you know. I just don't imagine the horse was running bad for for Baffert but we'll see he's ranked seventh right now. Overall Thomas Day todd at six seems a little bit odd have been. I don't object to that at all. Muccio Gustav that one. I kinda have questions about but by my standards ahead of Tom's Day. Todd seems of interesting and Zulu Alpha still up. There you know cece moved all the way up to fifth ahead of Tom Day. Todd I guess that one Perplexes me as well but Whitmore at eight Mr Freeze night. Code of Honor Tenth WanNa tells me to as I mean we are. We are very void of superstars right now because these are literally the top horses running aside from three year olds and some Nice Horses. Good quality horses all that kind of stuff but Outside of midnight be Su. I can't really and maybe maximum security. I mean there are to me. There's not there's not very many horses that You know put put butts in seats so to speak Know Big names and all that kind of stuff they obviously have time to carve that out but part of carving out being a big name is is against some other big names right. I mean even you know Songbird who was very very good you know. She got beat by beholder but to me she kind of proved or metal a little bit that day because she really dug in against you know who? We had kind of assumed in called a atop kind of runner so You know I know all that the polls and stuff are in the end. Don't mean a whole lot but sometimes it's fun to talk about. Let's take a quick time out. We'll do just one little commercial and Kenya. Mcpeek will join us. As I mentioned it will be a little bit chopped up and I really really apologized. Not only to you guys but to Kenny about it but We did have a good chat for what we did get in. So we'll do that right. After this short break Jason Horseracing podcast brought to you by twin. Spires twin.

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