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Dynamite get healthy light traffic time Tim is going to join us at the remember the top of the hour hold on my component of traffic computers running very slow my take a second and I like I like this week sorry one of these thing is supposed to be drinking I'm doing Japanese what we are we're delaying it's a tropical drink for X. every other than ray Malavasi she okay I guess because males AC six five there by ponderosa homes explore binder as a home visit rose Avenue states near downtown pleasant sycamore valley trails and Alyssa girl rate arraigned should make your new home ponderosa home go to fundraise homes dot com California D. R. E. number zero one two five seven five six seven for the children auto body traffic desk another crash on seventeen we've got a number this morning this one is north bound before highway nine in the left hand lane and that's why you're backing up towards alme Bridge Road also your peninsula drive south battle one one slows because of a crash near Millbrae Avenue looks like it's blocking the right hand lane you're backed up beyond S. set up will northbound six eighty slow Diablo to love or know where we've had a big rig that there has been partially blocking the right lane westbound eighty is congested between Albany and the maze there's a twenty minute bar to lay on the Antioch line due to an equipment issue yeah they're heading in San Francisco were backed up to the foot of the maze metering like Toronto then slow again from the center anchorage out to one a one coming off the west found a bridge traffic sponsored by the Commonwealth club in this period of divisiveness and polarization the non partisan Commonwealth club holds a permanent position as the nation's oldest and largest public forum for exchange of ideas the oldest cultural institution in San Francisco give the gift of thoughtful conversation this year the city's Papa and one on KNBR one oh four five nine six eighty sports leader art and told you many many times about my friends.

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