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He's championed school vouchers. He's proposed cutting college financial aid and during the last legislative session. He led the push for a bathroom Bill in this part of the world, Lauren. It wasn't called bathroom Bill. It was called a shower. Bill. You don't want juniors going into shout junior boys going into showers athletic showers with your seventh grade girls in in you can call it a scare tactic in college. It was a tactic. Nonetheless. Oh, but out in this part of the country were Dan Patrick ran commercials relentlessly against might call your as did other statewide elected to barely won by six percent. That's called conservative is Dan Patrick now. The arbiter of what's called conservative in Texas is he looked at as the denominator between what's conservative and what's liberal in? What's right? And what's left? Oh, I don't know if I can answer that question. It's a good one though. I mean, I think that's a conversation for the Republican party Republican circles, the, you know, we we are putting people on a spectrum, right? This year of who's liberal or now with who's liberal and who's conservative, but these conversations when you go into the the the conferences, Texas GOP, you know, annual semi annual conference that they do these are some of the most far right members. And then when we talk about primary voters, these are some of the most far, right? So I think the definition of conservative is really up to Republicans and up to those inner circles to have this conversations. But I hope they're having them because it's a really interesting question and one that is becoming increasingly murky murkier as we see these divides. You know, it's we used to say that there were three parties in Texas when the Democrats were in power power. Because Democrats would split between the two of them. Right. And now we have splits within the Republican party. So there's the Republicans the Republicans, and the Democrats, and I think that there's always gonna be disagreement over what a true liberal is. What a true true conservatives. But that's not that. I don't think that's neat for me to answer that court will become raise the question to ask you this Lauren in this part of Texas, and I saw even the Lubbock county Republican party the other day put up a post on their Facebook run a nail public education, which in this part of the state. You know, it's I don't want to bore you with stuff that you might have already heard me say, but it's a constellation of rural independent school districts in the life, but lifeblood communities is their public education system, and we're going to run the on public education. Like, I don't think that's what conservatives in this part of the. State think about whenever they think about liberal and conservative. So I don't know how well it plays for the Luton. Or maybe the Lieutenant governor knows more than I think he knows in that I'm going to give teachers a pay raise I'm gonna give you know this teacher in spring lake earth five thousand dollars, which would be you know. I would venture to say a seventh more than they made last year. Maybe maybe he knows more than teepee PF. Maybe he knows more than Julie McCarthy, maybe he knows more than Michael Quinn Sullivan. Well, let me ask you who. Do you think the arbiter of the term conservative should be? Is that up to the top leaders that the governor's job is that some think tank who should answer that question. Well, I mean, Ma I three options are all out of the Houston. So I don't know. I I would think that Bonnin of all the speaker of the house would be able to delineate what's liberal in conserved? Because he deals with a large group of of people with the term GOP side to them. Yeah. I think that he's more on the ground. And that's what's so fascinating about the house ride is that you're more connected in with your superintendents with your local communities in, you know, the aforementioned issue of Democrats, not showing up to create a Corum in Texas house committee that for me is more of a of a signal on what's liberal, and what's conservative..

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