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Let's do this. We had a little blues Blackhawks that meant Darren Pang was back in Chicago but I got to start with this and our visit here. It's pucks with Bernie Panga brought to you. By Marie Davila's senior Living Urban Chestnut Triad Bank. Fast Eddie's bond air and Greenville University and I got to start with this Pinger I've always you're a Blackhawk because you played there but I gotta say you're one of us now okay pal. You're on the right side of this thing. I know they still love Chicago Gago. But it's it's time we say you're one of us. Well I'm glad you said that because I absolutely feel that way without a doubt and You know the I I the first game the first maybe the first year joining the St Louis Blues Broadcast and knowing that I have never played for the Saint Louis Louis Blues. I gotTa tell you I walked up to the three hundred level because at that point Bernie was down between the benches and John. Kelly and I were upstairs and we had a three man booth and And and there was a lot of Blackhawk fans and they're running around and they're asking to get pictures of meanwhile I walked into the booth and and I that was the only time it felt. It felt strange and You know you get in there and it took a little bit of time but you know the the Games go on the situations. Go on and I've been here at eleven years now and say Louis like eleven years I played in Chicago in the minors for three hours. An undrafted player on. I always tell guys like I. The only team that gave me a chance and I ended up playing eighty one games with them and then retiring and and and going on so. That's six years and I. I did a little broadcasting and radio and hotline for them so that's maybe eight years nine years I've been in Saint Louis for eleven. I've never been with one team for as long as they. Louis I've never dove in like I have in Saint Louis. I'm glad you said that because I totally feel that Although I didn't play in the sweater I feel like I am a saint. Louis Guy I and then I feel like I and hopefully represent the blues with a lot of passion and I hope over the years fans think the same thing. 'cause I've I've definitely Definitely given it my all uh-huh I've emptied out this little body mind for energy wise and And so that that part of it but it's always nice going back though I mean you go back to a place that you were there. For a long time I'm the same guy that drove the Zamboni in nineteen eighty seven still driving the Zamboni. You guys have been there for a long time and you go there. And they're familiar faces and that that's actually the the real fun part about going back to that That city and it's great city by the way hundred percent. Yeah and anytime we make fun of Chicago. It's maybe just a little bit jealous. Ed Is Great. I love you say Louis but I also love anytime get a chance to go Chicago I do it and when you were there and I know you weren't there long but that late eighties Kinda Blues at the Old Barn. The older stadium that was about I mean the fights and the stands would start before the game started that was the rivalry has got a little classier now in the stands and it was back back then I do remember worrying about my wife my wife and the wives you bring any friends to the game and the first game I ever played in Chicago Stadium. I I was just married to Lynn. We got married in eighty seven and she got an apartment in Saginaw because that was their minor league team that I'd likely go to and I told her I said I'm having a great camp. I think I'm GonNa make the Blackhawks my wife. Lynn says tell you what I'm GonNa keep the apartment here in Saginaw. Thanks honey. I said I said well. Why don't you come this weekend? We're playing you know playing Edmonton and It's going to be a big game and it'll probably be a telltale sign of whether or not I'm GonNa stay or not and they dressed their whole the the big guns of all big guns and So I said to her. I said listen. The blackhawks put up billboards. Old Hotel called the Bismarck and I said listen I if it doesn't go well in the first couple of minutes just leave the building hop in a cab. I'll meet you back at the hotel and I see it gets really bad. They're it it gets ugly you know and the Canadian whisky bottles coming down on the ice. And whatever and so I just didn't want to put her through that and And then the fight eight so I'm always we're always worried. She dump a beer on her head and you know stuff is going to happen. And I'm like Oh man so anyway I I ended up playing the first thirty minutes of the game. I I stopped two-on-one Gretzky to curry Left the ice tour standing ovation. After the Games she goes well that went pretty. Well Hey how do you go back to Saginaw got this Chicago. Pack GonNa live downtown right near the Viagra Triangle and And you go back there. That would have gone over very well. Well wait ended up ended up going really well. We ended up being young kids and and being there for that you know for for a couple of years and then I lived there for nineteen years because I worked for. ESPN SO I. I didn't have to go anywhere. I live where where I was and I did about ninety five games a year for. ESPN travel all over the place. And and then the blackhawks got really bad bad at that time and so I hardly did any games in Chicago. probably did more in Saint Louis in my thirteen years than I than I actually did in Chicago because the you know the blues had such great eight years and the Blackhawks really fell off the map for a bit. You play at the checkered them. They would you have ever been in net for a game against the blue would have been cujo on the other side. No I at the arena to early for cruiser my bad. Yeah the eighty seven the eighty seven Blues team with Greg Melon. Melon and that Greg Millen was the first Blues Goalie holy to ever beat the Blackhawks in a playoff series and I was the goalie on the other side. See I'm always. I was always trying to help out. I told helped you get to the hall of Fame Bernie helped you get to the hall of fame I I you know. Gino Cavalieri should be in the hall of fame for just as many goals scored on me and Tony Herkus by the way who I saw last night. He was scouting the game for Tampa Bay I was again. We we reminiscent. He scored four goals on me in the Chicago Stadium in game four game four of the eighty eight playoffs. It's still Hilla rookie record for Saint Louis. Blues Player most goals in one game. Thanks to Darren the Herkus circus and then modern day. You know it's interesting. You mentioned been eleven years years. You've sort of seen this shift in this division. The blackhawks were on the rise. They got tapes and Kane and the blues couldn't quite get over the hump they were the bullies where the Troy Brouwer famous goal finally beat him in the playoffs. What a great moment? But now we're seeing it where the blues are sort of the bullies in this matchup and and the blue just kind of passed. Ask Them Up. What do you think's happen here is Chicago's a lot of it just salary cap and money problems? Well yeah they handcuff themselves with certainly with with a huge contracts tracks and You know and certain players are going to have a decline Brent. SEABROOK added a decline. He's still a good defense when but That that's you know one contract like they might have saddled themselves Up against but at the end of the day I think they've they've made moves and lost really good players like I think back to. You know our Tammy Pronin plane on the on the Blackhawks. They had one hundred eight hundred nine points and You know and that was the year after the Troy Brouwer beat them in game seven which was by the way going back to some of the Games like that game for me on home ice. We did that because it was the first round. So if our ratings on Fox Sports Midwest and westward just incredible and I mean it was time of your life is a broadcaster to watch that and I remember when Troy Brouwer scored. I mean I knew I jumped. I was so pumped pumped up. I mean the energy level was so high it was one of those moments. I thought were the blues fans the blues players the management. Everybody went okay. We've just slate dragon that we haven't been able to slay and they've won three Stanley Cups. And we're well on our way now in so tab the tab win the Stanley Cup just a couple of years after that is significant but I always tell Troy Brouwer that goal that you scored. That was the first step in the in the confidence. Then the layer of confidence you're going to need to beat the best teams in the League. You can to overcome it team like Chicago. I think it's the number one rivalry still I just think I think it is even though Chicago was having a tough time but Anyway Guide ME I. I think that's that's probably one of the bigger reasons. Why why the hawks the fans you know got got a little more confidence that serious and then the blues role role in their beat up and I won't say the JV squad but their minus so many bigger names and they still shut them out. But it begins with the net. Play of Jake Allen and it's one thing to say. Oh good for you jake your great team at you but it's another. I mean the old pat on the back thing. I'm sure would get old for a player. That's competitive as well. It's different when he's playing. Aim at a high level so whenever it he says wow way to go jake. They're not just in you know what I'm sayin' pacifying a guy who has to watch Bennington succeed. He's four zero and two in his last. Last six starts with a one point. Seven eight era thirty eight saves against the Hawks. Do you think Jay is found his Mojo again. I do absolutely in fact I just had a conversation sation with Although Robert Deniro told me never to name drop but Martin Brodeur and I just had a conversation and We're we're talking about Jake. He's been watching them and watching in his. You know the technique and some things that Mardi implemented when Marty went down and really corrected jake at a much needed time and then Jake had that great first round series. You remember against the Minnesota Wild you know I give Mardi Bruder a lot of credit for how he he saw little things that that jake was doing and But Mardi you said he's well on his way here he he he loves it. He's so proud of Jake and we all are and I know we probably maybe we sometimes go too far on that side of it but even even last night on the broadcast. I said people don't understand. They don't understand the fabric of the locker room. The fabric of a guy that that will do anything for everybody else to a win. That goaltender if he doesn't endear himself to his teammates they're not gonNA throw all these accolades to him. It's not gonNA happen. I guarantee it because I've I've seen seen million times before they're going to give it the old data. Well we needed to stop in the second period Didn't get it. It'll be that kind of talk but with Jake it's different and that's that's why when we go maybe overboard on them. It's for good reason because I watch them faced two hundred fifty bucks in practice and never complained and never stopped trying and never never say no to the players when it's drill drill drill and it's one timer and it's a puck in the head and it's a puck in the shoulder. You're dead tired and the one last player still wants to take take one timers and he still stays out there. I mean and then he gets in the room and he says all the right things and he never makes it about him so I will never apologize for for going. Went overboard on a player like Jake Allen and I'm glad right now it's not going overboard. Right now it's do Credit Jake Allen is plain magnificently. He has this year where he's giving them a chance on the road He likely won't be a home goalie for the for the Saint Louis Blues. It likely won't happen. He'll get some games here there but when it comes down to it Jordan. Bennington didn't really owns that rink. And that's fine Jake. Allen is.

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