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How do we first Thesselonians honor in holiness? How controller by honor holiness? How do I help you do that? How do you help media that was at victories? The next question that popped into my head was, is it a deal breaker? If you aren't on the exact same page, I don't think it is. There are. There's a lot of nuance when it comes to boundaries. Everyone I think has different convictions about it. Everyone has different experiences. Everyone has different. Just there's a lot that goes into feel about this in scripture isn't exact. Exactly clear about what is like. Some people decided that, you know, I think that sexual immorality is making out like, so they don't wanna do that. There's just a little bit of gray area. And so I think that in that if you if your conviction is I don't want to do anything like any thing body wise until we're married and and your boyfriend is like, I don't wanna do anything like to me, I don't feel like it's, you know, we're we're compromising holiness or honor if we stay above the belt or something like that. Right. I think that you can like talk about that and you can talk about finding a place that's comfortable like finding a place that finding common ground there, so I just don't want don't want. I think it's a conversation are you too. But I do think that probably the more conservative person gets the lead the they probably get to. And here's a deal because the person. Less conservative right? Bache should still be. So you want someone committed to you committed to relationship, they're going to. They should want a sacrifice to keep your round. Yes. And like there was a guy on the new years ago. Okay. Not a believer in really, you know, we're great friends, but really pursued me like really wanted to date me whatever I would tell time we cannot date even just let's go base level. You're used to having sex. And I don't have sex like in he was like, Hannah know who's like in his late twenties. He's like had enough sex like I can date. You don't have to have sex, you know, he didn't know the Lord on, so it was going to happen, but but let's say he had known the word. Let's like he would have in this pathetic situation deferred to me. You know, even though he thought sex was totally permissible because he wanted to date me Bula should with me an honor you and honor me. He's going to go with like what I want now, probably too often the reverse happens. And then you gotta ask yourself, like, does this guy really care about me if you're the one that's like, you know, I mean, maybe you don't wanna kiss until your wedding day act. I will tell you I walked away from dating relationship when I learned that was one guy's thing because I thought I love that eleven. That's like the, you know your your thing, but like that's not me. So did we break up just because of that that one example? No, it was a. It was a illustration of like a lot of things right. Like we were not on the same page on a lot of things. 'cause yeah, I mean, are you committed to this person or not? And probably the conservative person should flee guess. And so if you are, if you have these convictions in you want to like, you know, you're like, I just, I don't want to go further making outdoor married. And your boyfriend is putting pressure on you like that is just like you're talking about with a guy who didn't wanna do any any anything like that is. A sign of bigger thing. Like if he's putting physical pressure on you, if he's not, he's not honoring you. That is the whole thing. It's self control. It's controlling our bodies, and it's it's honor and holiness and like him, not choosing to respect your boundaries or make the sacrifices neces- necessary to respect your boundaries. That isn't dick of a bigger thing. And I know that it's so easy to wanna say like, well, but he's really great, and I really wanna keep him around, but I'm telling you that is not the only place where that that lack of honor is going to show up in your relationship and hate that. And really your relationship. Like I had guys walk away from me when they found out that they like I was going to have sex with that..

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