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Welcome back to inside because it's a day to twenty twenty Grand Prix and making your house or having we put away yes. Unfortunately but It's the White House. He might have inside the wall. There's of course there's well there's rain or snow or this drought till there's dust so this instals we mother nature. We can't help. Have you had any communication served as management around? Oh just a norm. That goes after the change. We'll keep you updated. They were very they. Were very very good. Sean same even sent one to forty in the morning. Your design. We're on top of the. We'll we'll keep you updated. We at this round Melvin. They liked the second cog in the wheel side. I really didn't have any sign. We we just go with the flow. Yuck knows amaze me that time crowds which racist to. How would you feel about that? Bryce here for liberty in a dream state. Sometimes I would say yeah I would say fans 'cause it's hot the other you know. We are a fan based entertainment sports series. We will end the Mike's Sport once or twice is because of the bars. I understand but you can't do that. You can't do that to the fan. How do we draw? I'd rather not race and make it up during the then Then rice in front of nobody because the battle what makes spoke good. It's the cheering in the vein new when someone knocks into someone else in someone else goes across the line. We don't do us but without the fans here okay. It's only hours. After it was opinion was pool so to speak. Have you had any relations to which why they'll go to picking up these four races? I think the full. It's going to be hard because it. This is the only place that we do do. Full I think they might. They might do around like a ball around or something else to pick it up on a pickup round I they. I don't think they will disappoint their fans because they know that the fans are very important and a big part of this series but I think they will try their hardest to make it up and keeping it in Victoria so that its own a slightly different tack abuse to Arabic's is is pretty busy social media stakes already. So your your whole nation sue because of might I consider today to increase their membership of equality Does that fit with you? Well so I look everything I do. I do because of my fans and the fans of soup because you know everything do might not be logical and it might be a bait and everything else but it keeps people interested in. It keeps people wanting to know what we're all about so I should because nate's to increase the the they have to show people. They're not what they think they are because people get angry. They get angry supercars. Sometimes it's not super guys fault. Sometimes it's just a comedy of errors in the everything seems to be a comedy of errors last year was mustangs this year. It's Corona Vars. What else they can do to keep the holdings back mixed reviews writes. Yes if I I don't know if we can do. This is just a personal opinion in two weeks. I don't know if it's going to the health department gonNA see that as well. That's long enough isolation to the team too been as we had zach bound right extol will wake in two days and I I I would love to say we going but I can't do with one hundred percent or on we'll sit back to white by email changes to what comes down shoot and see what is happening. Thanks pretty much bridge. And then we've been team manager had TGI team penske. The loss to the house is going into the truck it. It's sad ending girl three. Yeah it's it's a weird feeling at the moment we're just sort of casually packing up on a fraud. I which is I've been a little bit unusual. And it's a first for a million many years of doing this but Yeah the coolest thing might why above way we make decisions so Respect that in the Victoria and at all that stuff.

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