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Excellent let's go darling I'm. Ready. Time. Now for ask the CLO-. Would say as the chief officer. Is Yeah. This one's from Cordell in Memphis Tennessee he says I'm a twenty five year old Mary. And I'm in big trouble I got a second job delivering groceries for a popular APP. I. Had a special customer of that liked to have sex. When I made a delivery she quit she quit using the grocery APP and started texting me her gross realist- when she wanted sex, she Jimmy Dean sausages I made a lot of extra money or the weekend. My wife saw bring the Jimmy Dean text pop up and asked about it. My wife got her phone number and I lied real quick. So my wife would not call her I'm scared she will find out the truth should I tell her? Ex Cordell. Cordell. What is she tail? What are you telling? Don't tell on yourself. This all is truth is the best policy too late for that. Honesty is the best policy. Yes. But you wasn't honest in the beginning it same time to start. Now. The best thing you could do is cut it off stop in into change your phone. Jimmy Dean over you not. GonNa Stop? Them. See he just trying to tell much should I take dope? What do you think is going to happen when you tell your wife that? Look Look Young do your best theme is to cut it off and stop that's your best move. And go on with life. Everybody makes mistakes you've made it get up. Get it right If you don't do that Bro put do not go in now this this is not going to go nothing like. Your. Brothers. Angle. Go nothing like you. Out what you think. I'M GONNA go in here Telepho- she find out not not avenue all that. Walking. Don't do this son listen to me do that. This is not the way you do it. She don't bringing up if a if your wife will start to find your house, why would you start to? Ask for forgiveness not from her from God bring your girl into boy. Crazy. Own half. Feel good. She was five. She liked the way. Look you know. She's more. Customers that liked to have sex when he made a delivery. But that's. All that now and he no it ain't. Worth. His marriage. She must be. I. I'm David you told him though he's a young guy needs to learn now. Jimmy Dean is old sausage. Offering. Good though. Asthma Bob. Some age limits to some of this. Go here surely. ELAINE IN QUEENS CIELO SAYS I've been engaged eleven years, and my fiance is a cheater. I got his phone when he was sleep after he kept getting Texas Red Fox, I figured out it was a lady and she was mad that he was wearing her I. typed in I'm with my girl and she sent me the finger sign Emoji and then type I thought it was over I sent her a picture of him lying next to me, and then I blocked her number I've plan to deal with the woman myself but she knew he was in a relationship she said she should be held accountable for her actions. Am I wrong for wanting to beat her tape? Now. Now you want to but I don't. All you deal was blocked her number. Beaten, her tail, I mean look. She brought mad at the wrong. This has been your fiance for eleven. Years that's so crazy. Gays Dead Loan. No intention of being. Yale. alliterate cheater she said Steve. He got you he he asked you to marry him to shut your mouth. Obviously, it's worked for eleven years. And doing what he wanted to and you know it. Now you WanNa beat hub you need Joe but who for being SOMEBODY FIANCE FOR EVERY YEAR 'cause you might run into some. Grass. All right. Here we go. This is from Tanya in Columbia South Carolina she says I'm thirty nine year old single mother, and I have a male best friend that is thirty five over the years I've helped him deal with his baby mama drama and other issues with women but now he's ready to settle down I'm all for it but he needs to be. Passed the drama with other women because he's trying to settle down with my twenty one year old daughter they've been dating off and on and she's falling for him. I can't fight love but I can fight him. So I want to be sure he doesn't hurt my daughter. My daughter's father was a lot older than me. So I get it but how can I make sure he's solid. What? Come on. Yeah exactly. What do you mean how you make sure you saw did you make sure her daddy was Now. You know a lot about these because he'd been a free. He's helped me through a lot of women baby mama drama. So you have some inside information does he seen south? Been Daniel Twenty one year old daughter is she didn't fail for. And you've got a problem means something right? You have a problem now. That's crazy. That's really crazy. All right. Thank you as Usual Cielo. We. Love your advice coming up next the nephew is here to run that prank back right after this. You're listening to. Harvey Morning Show. Have you ever wondered is will. Ferrell. 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