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The first year it wasn't just in LeBron's. And you had weighed doing this might work and way back right? They put it in his hands a second year to rest is history. That's what the Lakers are finding outlook. We're best when it's just in his hands. Here's the thing though. That's going to make you really good like with LeBron the ball in his hands plan through LeBron right now, that'd be the best version of themselves. Thank you that the best Lakers today is. Lonzo not raw it's LeBron and praying that if LeBron doesn't score at least one of the guys heart Kouzmin Ingram is hot. Right. But that that version guess what is not going to be the way. Okay. So we knowledge that they've got to find a star. Now, they got to get a second star who is dynamic. Okay. Because thinking two years he's one way was dynamic and Kyrie was damning. They weren't great fits Whitlow, Brian because it's tough to fit with LeBron because he does so much, but they were so good if they could win. Okay. So everybody's telling me Anthony Davis asked me, they need does he shoot threes. He's not gonna wait didn't shoot threes now getting differently. It'd be at that point you can get role players to shoot the threes. But Goget Anthony Davis, and that's why they're not going to go after Bradley. I don't like it. Because the guys you'd have to get up to get Bill to get Bill would be the guys you have to give up to get Davis. So they're going to choose this big great athlete over the best. Later on the market for the foreseeable future in shooters league. Yes, Josh heart, shoot it. Pretty well off the banjo and get some some other guys the guy the great players on Miami weren't shooters. Yeah. But players were to shoe, but it's a different league. Now to have starters that can gain hit threes bills as great shoot. He'll is great. I'd love to have him. But I'd rather have Anthony Davis. I'm not saying Anthony Davis is not better. So you think Bill okay, put Bill? Okay. This are they beating the warriors. Well, I don't think for a year anybody's beating them. I mean, I thought Boston was and they're having some issues with yet. They had you not at east. I won't completely write them off one hundred percents. I'm saying, okay. I'm a big believer in identity like the Cowboys now are limited. But they've got an identity. We run the football. We can compete a high percentage of easy remedial passes. And we play we bald event. And we make our field goals. That's an identity you find teams that don't have an identity, you're done. You. You just can't even like Chicago. We play defense we run that RPO college thing which Bisky, and we don't turn it over even if they got Anthony Davis their identity is LeBron mostly when the ball, and he'll dump it sometimes inside and Anthony Davis will score who shooting threes. But you just want him to spread it out around the Brian everything that's not beating Golden State. That's the thing it you're not going to shoot them that you did one time. Well, I he had a dynamic partner in kyri, and they were tough physical defenders. I think their identities going to be because you make good points. But it's going to have to be LeBron is is since our system. That's what is he's the system. Right. And f Davis is another tremendous second guy. How do you know? That's a batch two years out. It won't be two years. He free agent in twenty twenty..

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