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In right now to reporters as he prepares to return to Washington from his vacation saying there have been positive discussions with the Taliban to end the war in Afghanistan where there for one reason we don't want that to be a laboratory okay can't be a laboratory for terror and we stop that the president says he's hoping to bring troop numbers down below thirteen thousand but the Wall Street journal's Nancy Yousef says it's unclear how this will shake out well there's a lot of talk of a draw down or withdrawal plan and peace talks the underlying political situation security situation that the challenges that have been there still haven't been addressed and without seeing the specifics of the plan it's hard to know what precisely the future for Afghanistan looks like the US envoy leading the talks as the peace process needs to be stepped up in the wake of an attack on a wedding in Afghanistan that killed at least sixty three people an organizer to estimate that at least one point seven million people participated in a massive pro democracy demonstration in the Chinese territory though the police estimate as far lower the streets were flooded with umbrellas as heavy rain fell protesters outside Hong Kong's government headquarters peacefully dispersed after fellow demonstrators urging them to go home this weekend's assembly was peaceful with no reports of violence Portland Oregon mayor Ted Wheeler says he's grateful to dueling demonstrations between far right and far left protesters this weekend was largely peaceful he says the city was planning for a worst case scenario yesterday when more than a thousand people showed up for rally downtown thirteen people were arrested and police seized hairspray polls and other weapons they were big changes in a state known for its gorgeous glaciers on Tom Foley yes it was on the hot July for much of Europe to the American Midwest but also up north Alaska once again a record breaking she don't across Alaska anchorage December thirty days above seventy five degrees the old record was fifteen days that was just back in two thousand fifteen the arctic is changing very fast because the climate change contributing meteorologist Jeff Burnell and Tom Foley CBS news World War two veteran and CBS sports caster Jack Whittaker died today Whitaker was a CBS sports announcer for twenty two years beginning in the late nineteen fifties covering golf football and horse racing he called the first Superbowl for CBS and the legendary nineteen seventy three Triple Crown races one by Secretaria Jack what occurred and this is the ninety ninth running of the Kentucky Derby Whitaker died in his sleep this morning Jack Whittaker was ninety five years old this is CBS news CBS news radio is your home for breaking news.

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