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The options are endless. So how do you find what Fitz I'm Jonathan Bastian, host of Casey, R. W's life examined. We'll hear from philosophers, scientists and faith leaders, each offering a different way to find meaning in the modern day that's on life examined Saturday mornings at nine right here on W. In between growing Ben and lose red dress. Listen, the morning becomes eclectic. Right here on K C. R W Wait. She couldn't stop crying because he knew he was gone. 35 on a little ride. Go read there that one. But I couldn't You help me with House wanted to die. And another one on the way couldn't stop crying because she knew he was gone. Just That way. But No big brother piece. No, it's going to take No. Such a good album, It's Peter Cottontail. The new album is called Catch. The Song's Called High five and Futures. Aaron Ellen Kane, Grace Webber and Sing Harlem on this incredibly uplifting, amazing album from Peter Kahn Tale Prince Now in September, the sign of the Times Super Deluxe Version is coming out. And this is the 1979 version of I could never take the place of your man. I believe the one that we're more familiar with this from the mid or a little bit later eighties. I could never take the place of your man from Prince Lis Retros, New humanity and current band Shida.

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