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Like Pierce was just over talking to Nate McMillan. Nate McMillan's gonna be a big asset for Lloyd Pierce this year. No doubt about that really helps to have a guy on your bench Who's been a head coach in this league? What? The player two? Yeah. Defensive players. Fashion. Yep. So trade makes all three so he's got 13 points on the night now. Five for five from the line. He's got four assists. Now It'll be Clark Clark. Now they get it over to Valence. Shoot us back out to Moran in the quarter goes, debate was wide open, and he missed the rebound of Brandon Clark had it stripped and stolen by trade. Here comes Trey Young back with it. Now trail left side pass goes over to DeAndre Hunter DeAndre on the baseline. He puts up the right hander. It's no good, no foul. Now, with a minute to go in the quarter to get it to Merin Merin down the lane kicks it off in the corner. The three point try is off the rim and no good that time by Jones. Here come the Hawks back. Okay, Bogdanovich Down low. He goes the Andre Hunter. I don't know how he caught it, but he did, and he laid it in the Andre Hunter. He makes it. 64 63 Hawks have regained the lead after being down by seven. Actually, they were down by eight at one time. Now it's Ah, one point Hawk lead with 52 seconds to go in the quarter. And Albarran hasn't Moret dribbles across right side job? Moran Way outside, He goes with his past. Now where there's gonna be whistling a file against the Hawks Entree followed Tyus Jones stray picking up his first You don't know. Trey didn't think so. Both sides over the limit, so it'll be free throws coming with 43.6 to go in the second quarter. Free throw is good. By Jones. That ties it trade this one around every player, I think they he called.

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