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Boxer Now you're not gonna get you're not gonna win the argument with that guy? No, I never argued with the guys. I usually I always treated him like police officers. I figure we better grease him down and make him feel good because human nature will Coming into play, and I want it. I want you guys to know that I wouldn't get to show him up. I wasn't gonna yell at him. I wasn't gonna embarrass him on the field, and so I always just kept it really quarter with those guys and I rarely ever Even gave a double take on a col. That's gotta be hard to show that kind of restraint. Just from the competitive standpoint, Tyler Nay Quinn takes a monster cut of the first pitch fastball comes up empty. The county's own one. You're always thinking about strategy. Have a part of, you know, I wanted guys to be consistent with me behind the plate. I didn't want their emotions to come into the game and really screw me. You know, late, the ball game or something, or in a big game, So I tried to keep it cordial all the time. Where's the old one pitch and a quick hits a line drive out of the reach of Jimenez, the shortstop, diving to his left That's into right center field for a base hit and a Quinn's aboard with a two out single. That also plays for you guys on the other club when I pitched that rarely tried to show my emotions because you didn't want the other team knowing that they were getting the best of you because they're already beating your butt out there and so Just giving them that much more fuel to know that you're a little frazzled out on the mound. And so one of the best compliment I ever got from Sam Li carries that Bronson have been playing behind you for six years now, and I can't tell If you actually care out there on the mountain, and you know that was a compliment for me, because that's how I want it to be. So make no mistake. You cared a great deal. Check on the runner after space internally. I mean, you're boiling, but you're trying not to let that show on the surface because there's just nothing good that can come from it. Gotta be pretty Zen like to be able to do that. Yeah, And it's part of also pushing down the adrenaline and been able to, you know, pitch in the first inning in a playoff game and not not put pedal to the metal and throw 100.

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