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Them oakville. From ABC news. I'm Cheri Preston. President Trump looking for a new chief of staff and sources tell ABC news. Several people are rising to the top of the list. President Trump announced over the weekend that chief of staff John Kelly will leave the White House at the end of this year. I appreciate his service very much. But who replaces Kelly is not yet clear under consideration Republican, congressman, Mark meadows. Former Trump deputy campaign manager, Dave Bossie Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin acting attorney general Matt Whitaker and oh Embiid director, Mick Mulvaney. The president tweeted Sunday night, he'll make a decision soon. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House over five hundred flights either cancelled or delayed today, most of them in and out of the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks to a big winter storm that is several southeastern states two hundred seventy six thousand power outages from Virginia through Georgia soccer futures pointing slightly lower after a wild week last week on Wall Street last week, maybe one that most investors would like to forget with stocks falling. Sharply mainly over concerns about a possible. Trade war with China is if these terrorists are actually imposed they'll be precipitation on the other side, and that in turn can really slow down the economy Doug Roberts with channel capital research dot com, says another major worry is what the fed will do with interest rates. Daria Albinger, the bail. Hearing continuing today in Canada for the CFO of Chinese tech giant way way why she is facing fraud charges in the US police in Colorado expected to offer an update today on the search for a missing mom twenty nine year old Kelsey Berith. She was last seen on Thanksgiving Day forties or hoping that phone could be the clue they need as a wide in their search asking anyone to come forward who can help reunite Kelsey with her daughter Kelsey moved to Colorado three years ago to be with her boyfriend now the father of their child, but she has family, including a grandmother in Washington state ABC's Lana Zak, you're listening to ABC.

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