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In that was i would finish At high you finish my script. But it's actually nice to be able to empathize with athletes. don't go. Well you know like when you have a problem you have to stop playing in like you know when you're telling those young athletes like listen. I know how you feel like. I know how bad this sucks to not be able to play your forty more because you have this injury but like life does go on like and you will learn from this and this will be a lesson for you and also just having a bunch of surges. Knowing what that feels like hasn't been. I do shoulder elbow surgeon. I've had a bunch of my own so that helped me a ton to be able to to be hurt. It sucked when you twenty twenty one years old. And you know you're done but you know to be an adult now and be able to go back and emphasized that those kids great. Yes med school. And i like everybody else out. You go interview as many places as you can. And i remember. I interviewed in greenville south carolina and i remember the old the chairman there went to the citadel in. He recommended that. I read this book from pat. Calm right. I already read a bunch of books by pat conroy. Anyway in high school and he was called my losing season. And i went and read..

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