Senator Ghazala Hashmi, Covid, Metro Police discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Made sure that schools have to notify parents Regarding instructional materials that contain sexually explicit material On the democratic side senator ghazala hashmi Education has gone through intense situation with COVID She pointed to a bill that would create a committee to address mental health concerns among students and another that would raise teacher pay So that we can hire the kind of robust workforce that we really need Niko you doubled your TOP news Two O 6 knew this afternoon a man suspected of pistol whipping a metro bus driver in the district has been arrested Metro police say it happened around ten 30 last night on a metro bus near the southern avenue metro station in southeast They say a man got on the bus with a handgun drawn drawn He then hit the bus driver several times with it That driver was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries Police say they caught the man and recovered his handgun a short time later Well we're learning that in Howard county residents are being urged to only call 9-1-1 if they have a life threatening emergency It's because they've got significantly fewer ambulances available for medical emergencies than usual They're now operating at what's called surge level two which means they'll have to prioritize life threatening priorities first Howard county says hospital emergency departments are severely strained too Coming up after traffic and weather A controversial nun and the Pope We seem to be pen pals I'm John doeman It's two O 7 Reclaim your Saturdays Call one 800 God jump and two smiling Happy people will magically appear at your front door They'll be driving a clean shiny truck And they'll be wearing snappy happy uniforms All you have to do is point And that junk will be gone gone gone gone Great You.

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