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I'm ready all right here we go we'll get started the captain that hung out with spock on the inner prize also his middle name as tiberius captain kirk hands ride this captain is featured on cereal boxes in sales the ss guppy cap'n crunch this captain considers peter pan his nemesis but his more afraid of crocodiles oh hook hook his captain his from a kid's show played by bob quichen was named four marsupial oh capping kangaroo that's ride this captain sits on the label of spiced rumbles ooh captain morgan this captain once punched hitler on the cover of his comic book woo in america this captain was featured in moby dick moby dick who now what i uh my mom would would kill me for not no american he was big in the literature i it remembered out let's go to the last one real quick this captain slash environmental superhero used to save the earth on saturday mornings eric employment either hero liam went seven for eight he still had 30second low o'clock and he just missed captain ahab that's the only one eight which i think probably qualifies him for a big prize what do you think yeah we're we're gonna send you a big box of cap'n crunch of they lem thanks so much for all the work you did in the us navy and thanks so much for joining us on parttime genius alpha crowd me guys i i really enjoyed it thank you.

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