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And conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states, number thirty thirty. AM seven fifty w. To get two straight news. Telling me what's going on news, weather, traffic, and the top three things you need to know with Scott Slade at six sixteen number one, the search continues for the weapons stolen off at Atlanta police officer over the weekend. Candle the road for the purpose wipe during a fight number twos. The weather more showers possible today says Kirk Mellish folks around metro Atlanta, got up to eight inches rain causing flooding over the weekend perks five forecast has drier weather on the way just a moment. And number three, the breaking news. We're following in the morning drive. Henry county with a police investigation north of Hudson bridge eagles, rending twenty four northbound traffic lead in the bridges being diverted all sporting through Stockbridge Mark McKay. Any indication on getting the road open and white taking so long. Another hour hour and a half maybe around seven thirty two. This seems to be a complicated crash investigation that happened at three o'clock this morning. No. We'll get back with details. When we can get them from police WBZ news time is six seven teen WSB news about your health all this rain breeds. Mosquito weather could mean more mosquitoes in that could mean more cases of West Nile, and other vector-borne diseases in metro, Atlanta, rust Rushton with the State Department environmental health says they're already tracking mosquitoes the state, we've trapped over twenty seven thousand the -squitoes he's, he's only South Georgia has mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile, so far, will the rain make it worse. Actually helps us in it hurts us, it helps us and that there's any mosquito eggs in any containers at washes them out. But if that water stay stagnant over a period of time, we may start seeing more mosquitoes in the future.

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