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What was that Lisa Frank Very Jase for the fact of the colors the colors make you happy this is blue lovely INDIGO INDIGO INDIGO such a pretty name for color indigo? I walked in on my two friends having sex this week so it went really yes all my been trying Brian to have sex and it's just not been working out in my favor so I I guess I've got this like energy that like I need sex near me and then the universe versus like you can be nearer but you cannot have is that what you know I was in Napa and we were all sharing rooms because it was a this big house and there was like ten twelve of us and I was going to the bathroom like our private bathroom in the room and not the bathroom in the in the living room because I was like Oh someone's in their let me go in here. I am a true friends. Were like on the bed and I was like are they naked when I opened the door and I was like what he is talking to each other's dicks like as a joke and they were like no why would we be doing that and then it went to the bathroom and I was like I think I think they were and then he left the bathroom and they were fully fucking and I was like why didn't you wait until I left and they were like like sorry. I was like I have to get Outta here and the lights were off and I tripped over a suitcase and very big kerfuffle I have I have to get out of here and then my friend was like I would help you up and there's come on my hands and then I walked. It didn't on them again. They weren't the far living room and I was going to set my stuff in there because I had to leave at three. I'm to make my six A._M.. Flight so I was like Oh asleep the back living room everything will be fine as I was setting my stuff down. I heard I just went no. He was like we went to furthest place. How did you find us again? I was like I don't know I think my body was like the sexist happened. Maybe someone will invite you in. You know they sure didn't oh my gosh girl it. was I feel that way too..

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