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A. We will read those texts coming up in our next segment but gyms getting Jim getting a little bit of the business. Since he went and got a haircut can said he was not wearing a mask. Only because I thought when I read the different requirements. I thought you. You're supposed to wear one. That's all I know. We have all been perfect again. Like Scott Lewis said. Everyone's first pandemic. I love adjustments. I found myself in a situation where a neighbor was having people over Memorial Day and we got to know the neighbor. It's one of my fellow. Hoa Board members tonight. By the way a big night I h board meeting zoom while the board members are going to be in person physically distanced and the other owners are going to zoom in so. This is a big one tonight. It's a big day for me. It's really really big day. Yeah okay all nervous about it. There's a ton of reading. I'm telling you there's one hundred eighty pages of reading. That comes with this that nobody told me about when I ran for this position. Would that have changed your opinion if you asked me last night. At about eight fifteen yes absolutely. Could you do get a do over if you knew the amount of reading that you're required weekly monthly monthly hundred monthly board native pages? Like what is this is then. We have what we're an. I'm not allowed to discuss any of this legally just you now but there are things that we will discuss amongst ourselves and then things that we would discuss in the public for them and the Public Forum. Yeah exactly but back to the point so one of our fellow board members was very kind. I'm memorial to say we're just having very small gathering in won't exceed ten people and we walked into the House and there were people there who we had not met. It's like well. What do you do? Do you shake hands too now can not. When's the last time? I don't know that everybody feels that way. The last time you shook someone's hand Monday for real. Who never mind. Did you go wash right after the last hand that I shook no joke Matt Mitchell when I got on the southwest flight from Vegas back to San Diego that the last.

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