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Didn't trust you guys. And their followers. The ignorance auto is came from me so outside of our add. These five sucks. The police had to. Gmv put haikal in my house. I teach my kids how to use it. They can only go to school in a cab for three months. I was getting thousands of emails abusive messages interested. I came really close to a breakdown. Despite being my height of performance. I was mentioned in parliament for doing stuff in that case. You know so technically visit. Racism comes in tangibly. I was now at my high test before but people who wants to bring me down unedited. If it wasn't for my family and the people i with who will still remember my running down the coda. Tell show him you know. There were people who protected me at a time and more and more that was happening and so the nara by twenty fourteen. Two thousand fifteen. Those also hate to say this. A bit of boredom are the names. The funded falls may change but the evidence decide. Somebody's suffolk significant home. And somebody did it. I wasn't doing anything to prevent that from happening. I thought is better better using my time. If i've got time last to try and do so looking preventive you're let's try to make the community safer public safety rather than deal with the consequences of of when they've been made unsafe. But i really got to a stage where i i thought out this job. I've gained as much possibly candidate. Yes look at the rest of the world and see what we can do to protect more people because he at the height of that even though you were the one that drove that case through and actually i should have been commended by these individuals for driving. That case three you received was it something like seventeen thousand miles. I agree very short period of time and know we and most templates Also go action. Deported joked about it and say look out voting banning him. I don't you know i. I love that way. So don't criticize me. But i joke about it and it was. It was i. Suppose you off about it But as i said to Down the token bring him neely bringing people dying. I just wanted to took on the The style case. When i was doing my research and obviously knew about the case anyway. What was really significant for me was just had Lots of high resilience. Those some of those goals were in in in giving their evidence. Actually they put through the mill went. I mean we we had there was no The guidelines about victim support which just don't fake full is young women and girls so we put bespoke support around them but they were the most courageous people people out the case. Jim people saying how courageous was zero. So i kept saying over and over again am nothing compared to what these young girls sixteen year old girl being cross examined for six days by eleven biases shouting and screaming She's lying she's lying to. I don't know how. I could cope coach but she did and they did. They were quite extraordinary. Testaments police team on the people in children services services and the support network bubble around around the is a real test credits. The prosecution offices where toilet to bring those people to justice but it will not happen where not for the spends the courage. The bravery of all those young women consent absolutely. They was I was very very In all of radio and just tell may not having been in office serving the public for no more than a couple of hours and then you look at that and you think well i would probably didn't get the same level of cross examination. Kills gyms the was good. Canals is something that you talk about bringing change once. We have seen how that we that can't happen anymore. So we sat down with the judiciary. We created something. Ground rules airings. So now if you are a A trial of this nature. The judge at the outset will say right. You can cause examine this person for day. I read the evidence tax. And that's all you need and so we've now put in Some very strict guidelines guide mon guidelines instructions as to how to deal with those kinds of cases and flows from the way. These young women were traumatized by what they had to go through. We can't allow moving to have. Yeah absolutely i was reading the bhaktivedanta. Nothing not such a great move forward because that whole experience as we just discussed would have been absolutely horrendous. And i think with a broken a lot of people Great quite solid grind breaking on. I'm going to site in the united utilisation tight credit. Both you showed cycle or credit for the wide you force through the have the strength of your own conviction to do you know when you what my mom. Great privilege. I've ever had our jim. Is that victims. Lives trusted me. I once they of one of the things is really bad is listening. And i once. I've listened in her their stories. There is no way. But i would not pursued it. There is no way that would not add. We would not have delivered what we tried to give for them. what that is they. That's what i'm they wouldn't they wouldn't they wouldn't have spoken to me. Didn't listen absolutely but once listened as do something with it. That's why chad. And that's the way i think what we all ought to be. I that i look leaders across all sorts of shares. And i worry that's what the concept of listening is not one that they really buy into they. Should i think he's one of the most important things and as roma south united you listen to the people in the grind because for me every day is a schooled. I learned from everybody. I think it's so important. Ill listen on you learn and you put out learning into practice. Sommes how you gonna make things better in change communities.

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