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We needed maybe a bit more of that and the future stuff is perhaps underserved. Now this is a spoiler but share doesn't turn up for eighty three minutes. Yes, Eighty-three minutes. I was waiting. Come on share playing, of course Meryl Streep's. Mum shower is four years old Meryl Streep, but never mind that. By by the legitimates Phil Meryl Streep is meant to be about forty eight. They were best friends in silkwood I know for yeah, but but she's forty eight at this point in the movie, this movie, judging by what age man deciphered says she is like it must be about two thousand and five really when Meryl Streep's meant to be about forty eight and therefore share is playing roughly the right age for share. That's not important right now. Okay. Those goods. Anyway, there's a lot singing Abba songs. Some of them be sides. Let's be honest, or you know, album from the first movie. Yes. So many songs from the first maybe and they have a whole. They go into restaurant in Paris. At one point, I won't tell you which Carter's, but two characters go into a restaurant in Paris and the waiters dressed in sort of Napoleonic uniforms, will he'll effort cats what they sing in that restaurant. Waterloo j.. All right. I see. I see. Okay, that makes sense. So it's, you know, it's explain something to me. This is dorrie of go trying to well, the extended story of a girl kind of discovering her parentage. Why does apathy into this? But what I break into song musical James. I just doesn't make any sense to me, but that's the story of the ABA musical in which the film is based. I don't know what to tell you. I feel maybe some over. Scene where someone negotiates rights to records. No, there isn't. There is there is. Just some just amazing foreshadowing just I mean, I don't think I can spoil this, but I'm not going to. I'm going to keep a few things back. But like when you hear that certain character once had a love affair in Central America. Hispanic, and then you start to see shades of Fernando in the future. Behold, for Nando appears words. I know this is great. All the hits all in one place hits. They also cut back seriously on Pierce, Brosnan singing. So got my comes relief because he was famously terrible. You know, he gave his best short. Yes. Best show now that would have been better song. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So a lot of people were saying this is better than the first one. And I know people here saying that this is the camp classic of the year. This is exactly the same as the first one, okay. Which is to say that it is objectively terrible fun watching. It sounds great. Yeah, sounds great. I look forward to never seen him get the winds in first wines in I I'm not drinker, but I wish I was pushing it. Okay. Other alcohols are available. Also this week we have given us star rating again, this find, fuck it is additionally established over sixty on how many you care about it. Three star. Mama, Mia, which is we always end the podcast that recommendation did it today. They did it, get it running time. So I'm just gonna say that also this week is escape plan to an all. I'm going to say about that is along the infra gave me didn't even if the wit to call it self escape plan. B. one stall. The session shocking second day Batista film of the week days and not David just dreadful. It's about it's it's terrible. And if you see in the first one which is contemporary, this one has the same characters that all the same age, and yet it inexplicably set in the future. And there are force fields and robots and nonsense an drivel. And if you watch it, you will die. Will you. Will when he would take seven days, the whole thing's about ninety minutes and that will kill you. Wants to watch it on, you're alive. I am. I watched it. I have no. It with special glasses, special project specialist protective eyewear? Yes. So one star Lynn. Two to four stars until Artem fully escape. Escape plan three, which apparently they made concurrently is coming. Hugh inevitably, like a giant iceberg is still mission impossible to then Fulla which I still haven't seen. And if ideas now you so. Good..

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