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D c dot com Thursday afternoon. 12 18 Way have traffic and weather on the AIDS and Rita Kessler in the traffic center, updating the situation in Maryland on the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge. They have cleared the work zone on the eastbound span of the bridge that both lanes are open. The westbound span is still running to a traffic. Now eastbound 50 is still slow passing route to then again in delays from Cape ST Claire headed to Sandy Point. Looking better crossing the Bay Bridge. The westbound span while still running to a traffic is seeing the delay. Near Route eight, trying to get onto the westbound span of the bridge. The steel plates mid span on the bridge are causing this issue. Once you get over the steel plates, everything looks good headed off the bridge towards Sandy Point. Also in Maryland, the Gaithersburg area 1 24 year go Shin Road You're under police direction for the crash wouldn't park near Tower Oaks Boulevard had been the scene of a wreck. Also 28 near Park Mills Road in Dickerson was also the scene of a crash getting across to Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic was alternating across the bridge. For that work zone in the district South Down D. C. Tu 95 heavy from Benning Road Past East Capitol Street. No problems anymore. On the South East South was freeway, However, the South bound 3 93rd Street Tunnel ramp to the eastbound freeway. The right lane was blocked with the work in Virginia. Delays on 66 in both directions, headed between neatly in 1 23 eastbound is where you lose the left lane with the long term work westbound. Watch out for any activity there as well. Also on 28 near 66 seeing delays in Those directions where we may actually have some work. 28 near New Braddock Road is also slowing in both directions. There's usually work set up there in Virginia on 95 South bound delays crossing the optic wand. Then near 6 10 Garrison Ville Road where we did have an earlier broken down vehicle in Fredericksburg eastbound Route three before 95. The right lane blocked with the crash 29 at Nutley Street Traffic light issue is going to take a while to fix police are on the scene, however, directing traffic I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And Storm Team four. Meteorologist Chuck Bells will be our last 90 degree day at least until maybe Sunday or Monday afternoon. Highs today will easily.

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