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Back in Chicago be fourth quarter. Final game of the day of the big ten tournament. The twenty second big ten tournament. It started at the United Center so many years ago alongside Doug Gottlieb. I'm Greg Daniels. Michigan on the verge of punching the fourth ticket to the semifinals tomorrow leading Iowa seventy two to forty eight dominating in nearly every facet of the game. Outscoring Iowa's bench nineteen nine. That's the Hawkeyes. Been put up thirty last night against Illinois, fast-break points, eleven to two and steals. Michigan nine to Iowa four. Agri given past it. It's game. They've been really impressive. Yeah. Passing the defense. And I I don't I wouldn't say they'd had chances, but missing free throws missing labs. That's made it such a wide margin. Michigan's a better team they played better tonight. But I was cost themselves. Any hope it being within arm's distance right now with this Rico's misled three and a half to play Iowa into their half court set. Luca Garza pick and roll Bohannon. Good show by Austin Davis back to on the baseline is jumpers. No, good rebound. Jordan pool. Michigan's guards do a good job of getting in and helping out on the glass. Rebound very well. They do. So Michigan will advance barring some sort of fantastic collapse to take on the gophers of Minnesota was talk about that match up a little bit. I saw that match in person called for compass media networks, and it was actually machine kept him at arm's distance most the first half and Minnesota made made a big run got to within two. And then John tests you hit a head at three. I think poo poo pool hitting threes. Adrian Simpson hit a three and then it became kind of lights out, but they were making shots early. And then got little failed. The difference in the makeup of that team is Jordan Murphy. We had a spectacular Neidl. We call the game spectacular. Like, that's a tough match up. The Michigan at the power forward position sabres Simpson. Isaiah livers go off to a big an from the Michigan crowd as does Jordan pool. Fantail players. He just fun to watch runs a team. He's learned to make a shot has that running hook shot. Incredible defensive player. Boss, misses the pick and pop three Johns pulled down the rebound is a very good player. He has gotten one shot. I believe today one. They just have not loud met any airspace. At all David Julius moves it to Brandon John's John's couple dribbles to the baseline now holds it up. Giving back to the Julius Julius to John's looking for Austin Davis on the inside instead Johnson, Jack three no good. Rebound to Isaiah boss. And Craner down a two minutes to play Michigan leading at seventy two to forty eight. Lees camp with the dribble. Looks download a creature creature catches at deep turns right hand. Push kind of a half hook shot half shotput. No, good rebound. Charles matthews. Minnesota's Michigan takes time out here. Minnesota's sort of shifted recently where the ball has been in the hands of Amir Coffey even more than it was. I'm not sure if it's more so than when you saw that matchup does that change the match ups at all or the way that is twenty point game in a row, and he's he's been playing outstanding for for Minnesota. I think that this is a tough match-up against Michigan. Because he's got a lengthy legal and athleticism. And that's what the Michigan wings again. If you're looking for where you're looking for a way of Minnesota may have an advantage there more athletic at the four and five. You know, we we mentioned earlier. Murphy, but also Daniel or Toro is he's very very athletic. Now, he can cover on switches can cover test e away from the basketball. He's really growing. He's a freshman, but getting better Julius steps into three off a hesitation, he missed it. And the rebound comes down to the hawk is. They don't have is. They don't have a placate Austin ash misses the three point shot and Michigan clears the rebound ahead. They'd renew news. Unita's on the nearside CJ bear will dribble. It back to point handed off to Julius eighty seconds to play Michigan comfortably in the lead. Seventy two to forty eight over the hawk is three point shot out of the way. No, good procedure. Baird rebound claimed by Austin aspirin, Iowa Seagate bears. Get went up I touch on the rights for three. They'll always be able to say scored in Jordan's house. Correct. With some really colorful shoes. Very bright. The Julius dumps at deep Austin Davis puts it up in an off the window for Michigan. Seventy four fifty one with forty six seconds to play. Isn't mazing with John B lines done. It really is. I mean, look at what they lost some last year. Yeah. Fifty six percent of the scoring. Muhammad Ali Abdul rock Mon was a really good player was a fantastic player in the tournament last year, the big ten tournament IMO Wagner, of course, Faulkner. Yeah. First round pick two very good players and then guys just step in. And remember last year they were struggling until about midseason till you made the switch at point guard puts eight your Simpson. That's really the correlation in change, and they become an elite defensive team that doesn't foul. John. We saw last year the big ten tournament member. Yeah. He was he was just a guy who came in and gave him a few minutes. And then all of a sudden got into foul trouble that championship game. And he played he played great against Isaac hostages a coming out party for him. He had that Duncan Haas late in the game on the screen and roll with Simpson slowdown hitting that long jumper as Julius tries to go inside. He does to Brandon John's John's tried to wait out the defense missed it back out to Baird for three in and out. The bench was dying for that. One to go in thirteen seconds left. Twenty one point Michigan league got one three or four across the time. Once the dribble. Down to six seconds. I we're going to get a shot. Here's ash, we'll send the knuckleball towards the rim. It's a little short. Unfortunately for him. He will always know he shot an air ball. In vows. Michael Jordan, built better than me. Didn't do anything here. Michigan gets the inbound. And this one will be final. The wolverines will advance to the semifinals. They dominate the hawk is tonight seventy four to fifty three coming up. We'll have some closing thoughts from the court and the national association of realtors play player of the game. You're listening to the big.

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