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Will better messed up worry about you. Host and say on the sideline. I'm fascinated by this in the past couple of weeks we've had an NBA player. Larry Nance came home and he believes NBA teams will score fifteen to twenty points less per game because of the lack of adrenaline provided by the crowd. As you suggest and Major League Baseball Pitcher Brandon McCarthy. He told the PITCHES WITH LOSE. Four to five miles. An hour of their fastball. Just because of that. Lack of birds that lack of kind of that next level that's provided by friends. I always thought home fans but the love that you're saying it's the opposing fans that motivate you mentally if you're going to talk about how to counter the lack of fans and how that might impact you again. It's really within the players themselves. You have to really depend on your teammates. The coaches to to you know give you that motivation as well and you have to find yourself to find the self motivation. I mean for me. I'm a person it doesn't matter Sanz. Not like still Michael Crack Equal. So that's GonNa Farley a knowing like the like everyone's watching anyways so it may not be in the stadium. Everyone's at home watching for sure. It's only league. That's like so that if that's not enough motivation for people than I don't know what is not just made Vatian for you playing but I'm going to say you've just sold this game to America tune in watch. Weston mckennie crack people up Mike. Go the ratings have just gone up three points but you manager is an incredible motivator quasi. American. They've advisor a great friend of ours from his Huddersfield days when he came on men in blazes. I'm really blew away. Listeners of his intelligence is just shrewd approach to the game easing incredibly inspirational man. Straight talker an incredible motivator. What's his message? Been in terms of really how to leap into the unknown. This weekend really stressed the fact that you know. Don't try and understand it. Don't try and get a grasp on it or something he said. Just go out and do it. Just don't try to control. You can't control so it's it's really easy. It's been a big help. Nestle amy also. He's he's a big motivation as well. give a good pre game speech. That's for sure I'm that flat knows how to bring out the best in his players. Also in how you get the most out of them so I think he's also really really big factor of Bidding team as well so Beijing. Shoka my beloved a- currently Sakes Oh we're in the Euro League place twelve points off Champions League football dream. Big Why you telling yourself is possible. Western intensive of a goal for the rest of the season. It's one of those things that you can have more clear idea whatever everything was if everything was normal. There is no iris. Nothing happened then. You could clear idea but how it's it's really honestly like everything's up there. You don't know what's going to happen. You know there could be teams. You know can't play these circumstances. I can't play without their fans or can't play. You Know Stadium. There could be teams that might thrive the situation. And there's teams that adding motivation at all or so. It's it's really a toss up. Aaron get going to read into that far too much say. Weston mckennie claimed Schulkin title race. Back on you've been you've been off you've been on for about two months. Does it feel the same season? Was it film like a new recent route even know where my that when it comes to that as just going with the flow like this week was technically was our last game and nibs now becoming the first game of a five week. Walk Round Robin as you can say. Thousands of Americans who do not Typically Watch. Bundesliga will be tuning in this weekend. I mean is well known the long all in on Shaikha for at least a law seven days a club bill on Working Class Fan Passion on hard work on a tree emphasis on the collective they genuinely do remind me of Everton football club right down to the blue shirt and beautiful. Beautiful Jonjo Kenny. Who's on loan that? Can you make the case to our listeners? Weston who are looking for a team there are thousands of Americans who are looking to emotionally connect to a Bundesliga team. Why should they support shelter? What will they get without lifelong division? The American away is never given up in always fighting and working hard of any American there. And that's not enough reason. I don't know.

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