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Just realized I think I'm wearing the same suit and shirt as I was on that eighty. Dolores were you in the middle of that. Did you have caroline calling you in Theresa calling you? When when they were both shooting that spot I did I did and I you know I. I knew they would be amicable their professional yup. I don't believe that she had anything to do. With Theresa Getting in trouble and I will double down on that. That's the new word. Everyone says double down now what that means no. I don't believe that I said it at the reunion. And they're better just a separate and I was the rat and I'm now it's all right about now. We know. Now we know okay. Dolores Franken serious accident. It was so bad Brian both his legs. He stepped off of one step. He missed a step on one of our construction sites and his knees wound up in his shins. He's not going to be able to walk for four months. He's in a hospital bed. He's going to be so thin. That's going to be a ready. He's already thin so I've been wondering David Whom you have no idea they live together. David wakes up in the middle of the night at two thirty to give him his medicine. I lived there. They love. Don't live there I don't live there. What are you talking about? I don't listen to Him David's house he's Oh David gave him a shower. I got a call from David the other day. Jewish yeah you might say I got a call from David. Saying him and frank had a nice midnight. Talk about life and frank said his weaknesses and strengths. And I told Frank about mine. I'm like never once that I have this conversation with you. This is incredible. I wish he was here to talk to US tonight. But I WANNA get into some of you guys revealed on the reunion. Frank has a thirty year old girlfriend. That weird for you. That he's dating someone not much older than Frankie out. Gabby Gabby twenty four right for me. Okay even though frank as a new lady in his life he still has a lot of opinions about you and he may have slipped up about one thing. Watch this frank. No one believes you. Dolores aren't sleeping the other. If she won't tell.

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