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Great yeah they always say he's dead yes there's certain recurring like a people urban legend because it was for i think our parents generation was like mikey the kid from a life cereal commercial yeah people were like yeah he died and then for my generation it was the chiching guy even though that was chaching it ends up being a seth green but he was in this edge owes rally he's actually so it might have been only like part of the country i also you also heard about bobby mcferrin that he liked died jumped out of an airplane like they're like certain people that generations just want to believe are dead and then the other recurring rumor is blank had to have a a pound of semen pumped from their stomach the have you heard that about little kim with rod stewart who is the guy who is they saying was having gerbils up there but that's richard gere and it's only ever been richard gere right right i'm saying it's true another thing where you're like richard gere gerbils in his ass you like what the great rumors that were like that we're able to flourish especially in our era of being school because you know it has smartphones and like you had to go to the computer lab to verify something so that was that and also like how corn got their name was a weird one that we used to talk about three eleven all right let's get into the news of the day i off sadly we have to talk about the passing of dr stephen hawking passed away yesterday so he was born on galileo's death day and he liked to talk about that when he was still alive and then he actually ended up dying on einstein's birthday which phrasing so he's linked to the euro if your child was born yesterday or fucking raise them to be a genius he may have just passed the tourists to one of your children.

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