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Voice actor is that it's a character actors dream come true because they cast with their ears not the rising I never would have gotten the joker in physically I'm not right for it but maybe with accidents on we should say maybe we should joker saying jingle bells Batman smells robin even AT the back mobile we love the job that dawdle way where did you come out like where do they come up with that it is very interesting the anatomy of a song that was changed now became popular because if you think about it like every little kids like I never taught that to Jack but Jack knows right every little kid especially little boys right no that first all of them do what they're saying is back in nineteen sixty six is as far as I can trace it back in southern California for whatever reason there was something printed in it looks like a paper that was and remember to this like Batman was big and Adam west also the six were taken off and and and it was something put in the paper and like the military time to some like that and and they thought it would be neat for a lot of the military kids that travel a lot and and weren't always in the same place it somewhere they went in certain times of the year that would have something that what kind of bomb them and this was something they they talked about and they just printed the little phrase in there and now every kid knows right thank I remember I was thinking today I was listening to to it and that it is great too because that's more camel for guys who don't know that he plays the joker in the the the cartoon series and a lot of people say he's the best joker of all Mar camel of courses like Scott Walker for what he's famous for but now he's a huge voice actor and really nice guy actually really like super nice guy but that is we're right like because I was thinking about the same awesome like only got a running is IT fourth grade right it's like the Thursday or Friday before we get now for Christmas break was called Christmas break back then wasn't called super holiday nondescript non whatever it was just Christmas breaks we get out for Christmas break it was like my birthday and we're super excited we got a saying and I just remember like seeing that part so loud I don't know where it came from like jokes right I don't know where it came from but they think they can go back to like nineteen sixty six fish in kind of pinpoint when they think they they think that this was something that the military kids would have in common weird yeah but.

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