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That night i think it's just is tom tom brady's lost it i mean seriously right wing cooks at a couple steps on him right there if he just put the ball on brandin cooks at the touchdown in now brady's no east toast patriots don't know what they're doing anymore the defense looks horrible so the patriots dynasties over and fresh back from the wake is tom curren back you're on the rich eisen show how are you tom agreed on all of this very excited john bruton last way two didn't we well i mean look it is interesting to see woodson in brady back on the same football field in the same weekend vinateieri kicked in the snow tom sawyer last night that so i responded bad with exactly if their to know another precise point by you but yeah i think that when you look at what happened last night that is the perfect recipe for conclusion jumping and i think of what miami did to the patriots two weeks prior at gillette where they got out from they knocked around they put them on the ground even though they wasp eighteen points i really think brady entered the game saying look i'm not going to have a lotta time to set my feet and you saw uncharacteristic an accuracy and with oak ronkko ski and the dolphin tino what but he's gonna get up in people's faces and we're gonna bring extra people when we're gonna take our chances day were able to profit from that rich okay so what do you gotta this that does actually x in owes moving on down the line 'cause you concerned with what you saw from last night it secure that i think what we expected bobo we got low into.

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