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I think he did acknowledge this is obviously potentially a political assassination. The concern that offense must have is that there's huge political factors here, Malaysia's relations with North Korea. The prosecution have pride not to mention North Korea at all. Got out of their way. Really not to talk much about the vol- men who will with the two women and who we believe organized the whole attack. In fact, there's evidence they're very senior North Korean agents. It was barely mentioned and the government hasn't either. I think the worry that offense has is that because the government cannot go after North Korea is unable to get any. Cooperation to get those agents back though this empty gonna try to pin the whole thing. All these two women have. We heard any reaction from their families. They must be quite disappointed at this latest turn of events, the families, a very poor living in small villages in Vietnam and Indonesia. We've heard very little from what we've heard is they feel obviously very distressed and bright powerless. The two women themselves that she looked quite shot today, their lawyers had expressed quite openly confidence that given the context of this, the always find that these women have no political background at all that the case would be dismissed against them. So I think it is a setback for them and obviously they've been imprisoned a very long time now, it's obviously quite distressing. Are the judges talking about hearings going through till January or February next year from past experience that time line could go on even longer Jonathan hand. The UN secretary General Antonio. Gutierrez has welcomed the calming of tensions in and around Gaza, he said, the Israelis and Palestine. Nian had responded to calls to avoid another devastating conflict, a Middle East analyst. Alan Johnston reports at times in recent days, it seemed Gaza could be plunged into all out war. Amid extreme tensions on the territory's border HAMAs militants launched waves of rocket fire and Israel carried out many ads strikes. But Egypt, Sharon mediation efforts helped to hope the hostilities on Wednesday, Israel eased its blockade of Gaza. And it says, if the com- continues it lame to increase fuel supplies, the AGIP shins. Hope they can build on this improving atmosphere. They're still working to try to broker a long term ceasefire Alan Johnston now for better or worse. WI fi has changed. Our lives will now American researchers think it could save lives to his Jonathan savage. If we're not using it or either searching for it or complaining about a lack of it. Now. As impossible as this may sound to those of us who live our lives. Online American researchers found a way to make WI fi even more important according to a.

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