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Make take tough shots and you don't get silly bother give him letting him go underneath your arm and letting him get threes when he joe upping your trying to guard him in a referee's valley mount i think if you don't do that you have a good chance of guy to contain him i mean is it's totally different game if you watch nineties basketball just even the team passing into the post on every possession that doesn't happen anymore it's all primitive game three point shots i mean it was a shocker when when teams would shoot a bunch of threes in in the mid nineties yeah we didn't do that we because we went to our big men big guy big guy created our office now days you right three point shot is a weapon and that's what they do that's what though the stadium using us why this is gonna be a great series today because the simple fact is that they aren't going to shoot the basketball and whatever mess up first and the wherever doesn't play defense if a loser series but if they're gonna shoot back and forth they both die weapons to do that and it's now days that's what they do you get to i'm going to get a three i'm gonna come down scoring two seconds when you get to and we're gonna see who wears his game with heart in the nineties we'll go through shaq we'll go to patrick on wanna web go through a lot you want we'll dave robinson baked him double down if they didn't double them to them four guys or them big man they're going to dominate the game and then when they when they get double they kick it.

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