Nick Collison, Trevor Rees, Chris Birdman discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


How here is down in the middle between starring role playing what is that was that titled needs title title what is it what is nick collison the role player good locker room guy yeah i think that's better it looks a lot like a energy guy to me shooter crack back chris birdman andersen what about him glue guy energy yeah you're wrong about that yeah energy got get out of two minutes to two minutes that's not a glue guy what the hell's the matter with you honestly i don't i it's a five minute major get him out of here he's on a joke to what the hell man forever reza new role play whatnot but not for this team if we're doing the anti walker sliding scale only starring role player trevor reason for that team would be a start is the fourth guy on that t on grief before down his team yeah but that's 'cause they have kevin durant stuff going on different but i mean the robe layer role player look i defense hit some threes that's infuriating about what you guys are doing trevor rees is in the space in the purgatory between star and role player there is a stop there he's at the top of role player not quite a star i see what you're saying you're trying to identify what we call that stopped between the bottom of star and the top of role player and i'll throw everyone in the penalty box disagrees with me i will storm on the ice taisho me style just punching people stole player.

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