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Do you actually have to send spies to do that. Dirty work. well no no. no no. No that can now be done with your oligarchs but what we're seeing is the biden administration. I suspect we'll go after individual sanctions. Then they're gonna escalate it and they will quietly be implementing implementing a series of sanctions. You do it incrementally so that you can go to another country that might be reticent and bring them on board we're not taking their executive jets. Those science will still be purchased in needs every morning and flown back to moscow. And they were like okay. Well you know that's a big source of croissant sales in marseilles. So you know and then over time. When russia keeps misbehaving they wake up one morning and they affectively have the global magnitsky act signed in another name through a series of sanctions. But you have to understand that another thing and this is why The trump administration was was so keen to work with russia out. There are people in the world. there's a level of money in the world that operates. I call it. The global market right the global oligarchs jeff bazo since and and guys like pasta and you know where their money talks everywhere right and they have enough vehicles and instruments the most fascinating component of this that. I found absolutely interesting since twenty. Sixteen is the rise of the russian oligarchs using the american legal system to take us to court right on to sue you up to the supreme court to stop sanctions against a russian. Oligarch was destroying the months. That's noor okay. That means that they have so fuck bought their way into the system that they could actually try to get restitution like their elicit it'd be like pablo escobar. Taking a case to the supreme court that is narcos submarines were being legally seized by the coast guard because they hadn't gone into. Us territorial borders anyone's all the cocaine and submarines return. I mean the russians are doing that at the old guard love and believe me. It's going to get much more interesting. We just have to make it so painful and that they violated so many laws in sanctions courtroom. Sec sars source of law. This is foreign policy. there's not much that you can do about this. Take it up with the internet international criminal court hager or some other place. We're going up in the european union but don't bring it to the united states courts. Yeah yeah we were noticing the the court abuse Not in the way that you're talking about but with the the catering company precautions catering management company Trying to sue muller for all of well the fbi for all of their sources and methods going back to nineteen forty two or something like that came over to my court they lose they have so purchased such ground in the american lobbying system. That people have said to them. You know you could legally gain intelligence by going to the courts and asking for essentially foia as as part of of of Disclosure you know in there and precocious is literally the erik prince of russia. You know but yeah. I like You know. I like to remind the russians what happened to the their mercenaries in syria. Got us matt. We wiped out two hundred fifty of you an hour. Yeah well we're going to keep an eye on these sanctions and I know you will be to. Hopefully we can have you back on pretty soon to discuss some of the backlash we might see. And then perhaps some of the offensive cyber attacks. We may Be participating in in the near future. That probably most of us aren't going to hear about but we'd love to talk about so i appreciate your time today. Four time new york times bestselling author thirty six plus years of intelligence experience. My friend malcolm nance it's been good to talk to you to be here. Everybody stick around. We'll be right back with the good news. See genteel contest. That is talion. I think.

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