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Inaccurate but trump answered. We know about that and we're going to shut it down about a week later. The nih is forced by the white house to sever or to stop the grant to echo health alliance. So at that moment look very much like wow. The trump administration is really interfering with the science. This is critically important. Research in a time of covert nineteen as the story has evolved. You know there are real questions about what was going on in the wuhan institute for aji. What our taxpayer dollars was funding there and because of the lack of transparency. It's very hard to evaluate that. So let's go back to january twenty twenty when the virus was identified sequenced. I think it's still looked somewhat contained at least contain to china. They had shut down wuhan. You mentioned that. In september. I believe twenty nineteen the database of all viruses extracted from the mine presumably. The database would have contained all viruses that they had been working on as well that had been taken down. That is right and we don't know why and it hasn't been put up since then. So what was presumably this transparent hub of international science with shangli doing these research experiments and collaborating beside to surround the world. Suddenly it was like a steel doors in front of this institute. Just were shut tight and nobody can see into what strains they hat what i mean. There was a lancet paper that came out in february of twenty twenty that very aggressively made the case that any suggestion that this didn't originate in nature was ridiculous was at a peer reviewed paper. Was it was an editorial what what was the nature of paper. Was it an opinion. Yeah so you know. It's important to note. It was not a peer reviewed paper. It was a statement which was published by twenty seven scientists. Who said basically anybody who is saying that this could have had a lab origin is siding with his trafficking and conspiracy theories and we stand with our fellow scientists in china at to say that this had a natural origin. So it was a big piece of branding that suddenly raising the question of the lab. Leak was aiding and abetting. Donald trump sina phobic agenda aiding and abetting conspiracy theorists and as the one of my sources said it was like it was nailed to the church door it became the orthodoxy and it really shutdown debate but there was something more consequential that emerged from that lancet statement the scientists who signed it asserted that they had no conflicts of interest. Problem was the person who had sort of designed and orchestrated the statement. Was peter dasha. Who is the president of ego health alliance a number of the scientists who also signed were either employees of him or add received grant money and even though he saying that he has no conflicts of interest. He was providing money to the wuhan institute of technology so it was not a kind of neutral value free assertion. He has a stake in this. He definitely has a stake in this. As somebody pointed out if it turns out to have been a lab leak it could do to the field of kerala g what chernobyl did to the world of nuclear science research right transform the whole thing shutdowns restrictions moratoriums so peter dash as the recipient of million will not personally but echo health alliance as the recipient of millions of dollars in grant. Money a definitely had a horse in this race. Besides nih who else would be funding. This type of research with the dod be funding. Any of this research has. Dod gave grants to echo health alliance. So as i spoke with investigators inside the us government who were looking at cova origins over the last year. What they found is that there is a big. They called it gain of function bureaucracy. Inside the federal government there are a lot of people who are invested in this kind of research who are giving grant money for this kind of research. So they have committed to this kind of very aggressive viral research and so they have an interest in the outcome of this question and as these investigators told me it had an enormous impact on their ability to just neutrally evaluate the question of origin. This is more of a question speculation but do you think that had all of this taken place in a world where it had been politicized in other words if politicians including the president united states had never weighed in on this. If this were a discussion that were only going to take place in the scientific community. Do you think the reaction would have been as polarizing. It would've made a huge difference mean partly this became so polarized because president trump at that point lacking a lot of evidence in april twenty twenty announced. It was a lab week that he was certain. It was allowed leak. Is there any evidence that he had intelligence to suggest that or was this simply an off the cuff statement right. So according to my sources the most significant information that the us government obtained came in the fall of twenty twenty late summer fall of twenty twenty so april of twenty twenty really predates a lot of the significant information that the government collected couple that with the fact that on the same day that he declared he was certain it was a lab leak hours earlier his own intelligence agencies. Put out a statement saying we are certain that this was not genetically modified as it turns out they didn't particularly have evidence for that either but You know it's clear that elements of the us. Government were sort of pingpong. Ing off of these phobic declarations that president trump was making not necessarily as a good faith effort to get to the bottom of it but more as a way to.

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