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I'm Jim bask back with more for super Sunday, which is today. Sunny Michelle's in the midst of a historic playoff run. The patriots are running like never before. And to Bill bell, Jack as a team the pats rush eighty two times for three hundred and thirty one yards eight touchdowns as postseason all the most by bell. Check lead patriots team entering the Super Bowl. They are aware. And they adapt along the way Dan Orlovsky on countdown to kickoff. They've gone. Wait. The skill players. We've got Ed HOGAN. Gronk is older. Those guys aren't the strength of our football team. They're technically the weakness of our as an offense. The strength of our team is our full-back gronk blocking and our offensive line. And that's the fascinating thing. And that they are so aware and in touch with who they are as a football team. They're willing to change who they are what they do or this to totally reliant on their strength. That's the fascinating thing about this team in comparison to years past the Rams just a second team to reach the Super Bowl after allowing a five yards per rushing. The regular season turned around though on the playoffs. Allowing just over two yards per carry Sean McVay their head coach about his team having to play clean football. Don't give anything to the patriots. It's the consistent theme of you know, you don't wanna beat yourself. Good teams don't beat themselves. I think that's one of the reasons why the patriots have been so good for so long. But I also think there's an element of understanding isn't it is it is skews me an imperfect game and when those mistakes do inevitably occur or when we do have some adversity. We gotta handle this success and the adversity the same and have an is up positive resilient mindset as we move forward. So if something you want to try to avoid them at all costs. But if something does happen. This isn't the time to feel sorry for yourself. This is about how do we respond? How do we pick each other up and have that next play mindset, and especially in a game of this magnitude? But but really weeks we stay consistent with the things that we emphasize an approach there are some specifics to the opponent, obviously. But in terms of the situations being smart plan together, not beating ourselves. That's always going to be a big emphasis for us. So under- McVay last two seasons. Todd Gurley has been the go-to running back in the league. Touches scrimmage yards rushing yards touchdowns, but had to share the workload C J Anderson coming off his worst game of his pro. Rear five touches just thirteen yards. Charles Davis, FOX NFL analyst earlier on Freddie and Fitz. Simons we get back to the full Todd Gurley. I had zero explanation about last Sunday zero. I thought that last week he just was off during the game. When I was watching it. You know, what I thought I thought he was hurt because he has to not be right for him to play this poorly. But the more I watched it and the more I went back and watch how how the game went. I don't know that he was actually hurt. I think he said as he said after the game. I was just sorry out there today. I was off. You're listening to sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. I am Jim Boswell from college basketball. The nation's top ranked team rolls along attorney.

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