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Hello guys we are back. I just want to say that I absolutely Adore Amy Conybeare it is the closest thing in my mind to the ideal nominee for the supreme court. A Donald Trump just announced today that she is officially the nominee for the Supreme Court This is a quite a contentious issue As you know, a Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last week she was eighty seven. It was a little bit surprised because our BG had been fighting illnesses and stuff since two thousand nine when it was announced, you have pancreatic cancer and she had gone. Through several bouts of cancer and people thought that she might just keep chugging on forever I joke. But it's sometimes it felt that way to me when it was announced last week the she had finally passed away. It was I don't know of shocks the right word but it definitely, you know the first thing came to mind was like, Oh, great. Just what we need just just throw some gasoline on the fire on the country just the unrest that we've been facing ad in the death of a beloved Progressive Supreme, Court Justice and all heck could break loose. So to those who loved our bg you know I I really do not like our bg be as a jurist I did not care for her decision. She didn't seem to have much care for the constitution. She viewed her all Supreme Court justices away to. Expand her view of progressivism on feminism and so from that I mean there's a time they got her on camera talking to. One summer between sessions talking to these the screen university group and the her so. Ruth Bader GINSBURG. If you had remake constitution today, what constitution would you like to look to and she said, she look towards the South African constitution. So she was not someone that had like a super love and affinity for the United States Constitution and what we would refer to as originalism but you know her death is a sad thing. We don't want anyone to suffer She know her legendary relationship with just a skill leeann particular. Justices always had nice things to say about her. She was an inspiration to a lot of people. So her passing is hard on a lot of people of course then there began a crazy fight. Put out by the media that. President Donald Trump should not nominee anyone because this would be breaking the promises of Republicans back in the twenty sixteen fight. To replace the Sif Scalia when President Obama put forth Merrick Garland he nominated Merrick Garland and hypocrites on all sides of this issue but. It basically boils down to this, and this is my view as I see is the constitution says president nominate someone and the Senate then advises in consents and that's it. That's all there is. There was something called the Thurmond rule which wasn't ever in rural, but basically said when President in a Senate if they are on the last term of the president's. If the par if the person occupying the White House, the is different than they will not even bother to nominate anyone. Now the Thurman Rule was established after Strom Thurmond? It was this idea that if we're going to put someone forth for all this terrible fight Ville go through. We are just not going to waste our time putting forth someone that's not GonNa get in the Thurman rule was never about waiting until after the. Election because it's going to be someone different it why it was about protecting people who are going to be nominate..

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