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Is making progress Zach Trotman what was recalled of getting Malkin is on the trip hence at Toronto mark tomorrow night that game is on television Jeff half or news radio ten twenty KDKA sports you were trying to think of another man Gino Javan there weren't thank you want on television yeah what with it now you you were you on earlier today the rain him because the lights are on in there and now I can hear Jeff all right Jeff I'll get back to you a little bit later let's check in with Roger Russo tech five radio it's coming up tonight after news at seven o'clock Audrey what do you have in store well tonight and said this is the month of the heart help month and we don't have the pleasure of working with Allegheny health network cardio vascular unit engine light we're talking from top and about healthy heart all the things that matter in a month what we're really trying to understand all the hard facts all of us in terms of heart attacks issues were all about you just one step away from being impacted from heart the so we also are talking about that also last year hardware call which is set for February twenty seventh okay Marty melon and we also grab your interview with harsh market for any people are listening or what they called posh margins and their chief marketing officer Steven young came first from the west coast and we have a little chat with them so we're busy trying to make sure that bird is on the global map bringing people to Pittsburgh as well as talking about issues that affect all of us Roger Russo Jonathan cursing tech five radio tonight after news at seven Audrey thank you very much you need to find software but you also have a lot of other things.

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