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Lisa Jaffe with a day off our top stories include this. Breaking news out of Renton. A woman is dead after a shooting there police call it a case of domestic violence. It happened in an apartment on northeast fourth street just before five this afternoon. One person has been arrested and we have a reporter at the scene will continue to update the story as we learn more the final suspect on the loose in the white swan murders over the weekend has been arrested. Five people shot and killed on the reservation Saturday afternoon. Jade Reynier with captivity says thirty-five year old James cloud is now locked up into custody about five o'clock this morning by deputy and one of their dog with these apprehend m three other suspects already behind bars. James Donovan cloud appeared before a federal judge this afternoon. The victims include members of the family who were shot as the suspects carjacked vehicle one fatality there, too injured. The other four people killed were left dead in the street in two locations near white swan. And police in Snohomish county, are looking for two men after a shooting and crash south of average. Investigators still trying to sort out if the gunfire happened before or after the crash, they say, four men ran from the scene, deputies caught up with two of them, including one who was wounded, he was taken into the hospital for treatment. And authorities say that he and another man or not cooperating with investigators a wrestling match. The went too far last summer. Well, Seattle police officer in court next month answer charges as we hear from komo's Kelly, Bleier Seattle police officer, Caleb, Howard will soon be in Seattle courtroom to face, assault charges. He's charged with slugging fellow officer in the face and choking that officer son at a barbecue last summer. Guests who attended the get together claim Howard became increasingly intoxicated as the evening wore on when he challenged others to a wrestling match the seventeen year old son of one of the officers agreed to it. But when the teens father felt the match was getting too aggressive and try to stop it. He was punched in the face by Howard, and when Howard allegedly started to choke the seventeen year old other guests jump. In to end it. Investigators say the guests have given them consistent accounts. The Howard go front says the tax did not happen. Kelly Bleier, KOMO news has been six months since black DJ was attacked by a group of alleged white supremacists in Lynnwood bar. No charges filed yet. Seven men and one woman were arrested in December last year on suspicion of the attack. Those suspects have all been released the FBI in Snohomish county sheriff's office investigating this as a possible, hate crime. They say it's still under review still ahead on KOMO. When life gives you diabetes throw lemons at it. I'm Brian Calvert with the northwest kid and his lucrative fundraising year. Right to marina Rockinger again for our KOMO AAA traffic. What's up? Yeah. One area. That's still really struggling is northbound four zero five through Bellevue, because of a collision in the two left express toll lanes. So the backup begins now just north of I ninety. So it's all the way through Bellevue to the scene..

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