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The balance of power had so dramatically shifted that even the brawn james fresh off of winning another eastern conference growl when asked about looking forward to going against the golden state warriors his quote in boston was i really don't wanna think about that right now as just too stressful i just want to enjoy this moment is just too stressful imagine what we're gonna have to do to go up against golden state figuring out a way on how to beat them he didn't even want to think about it that is not the case this year this year this year when you look at eastern conference it's cleveland it's indiana it's toronto it's philadelphia it's miami or at least miami for now when when you look at it this imperative with an eastern conference and we all know out west because golden state looks like they'll get hurt by piece of paper for crying out loud so fragile kevin durant goes down last night shaun livingston goes down last night show lives they might be a little worse than kevin durant who says he'll be ready for game four the bottom line is right now it looks like a piece of paper can scratch the golden state warriors and they might be gone for the rest of the series that's how really fragile they look at this particular time which elevates houston which elevates the new orleans pelicans with anthony davis and those boys looking like straight rough riders running the portland trail blazers and yes damian lillard out the building i mean the nyalali shen that has taken place before our very odd is absolutely flat out stunning i never saw this coming and.

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